More About OnlineBettingSA

We are a betting review site that has the South African punter at heart and want to help you choose the bookie that best suits your betting needs. We have used the expertise of some of the most experienced sports betting writers to research all the bookies in South Africa and find the best online betting sites.

These betting pundits have used stringent criteria to evaluate the betting sites by first confirming the legality of the site and then looking at other factors ranging from the welcome bonuses to the odds available for the different sports. Onlinebettingsa has been created with the sole intention of helping local punters make the right decisions with regards to sports and casino betting.

What do we do?

We realise that sports betting has reached a level never seen before in South Africa and the number of new bookies entering the market has increased tenfold in recent years. There will always be those unscrupulous bookies that are not legal and attempt to deceive punters with too good to be true deals.

We have not only sifted these illegal sites out but we have also verified that our chosen sites deliver on their promises. We have conducted reviews on the 7 best sites in South Africa and it’s most important to note that all the reviews are unbiased and honest as we are not paid by the betting sites to do the reviews.

We are not afraid to mention the weaknesses of a bookie and on the same token, we are not shy to praise the strengths of the particular bookie. Our site is always timeously updated as we keep abreast with any new promotions being offered by the bookies so that you can benefit from it.

How can you benefit from us?

Our gambling experts are constantly scouring the bookie sites looking for new bonuses for players registering for the first time and for existing players so you don’t need to waste any time looking for great offers as this site will inform you of new offers. We also provide gamblers with betting strategies that will increase their chances of winning.

While we cannot guarantee that you win, we will give you the best opportunity to make a profit using our helpful hints. As most punters use their mobiles to bet on we have found the best mobile apps and mobile versions for you to use. Our betting experts have personally placed bets on these different mobile platforms so their feedback is from a tried and tested background.


Onlinebettingsa will not only be your betting partner but we will also keep you in the loop with regards to latest betting trends and promotions. You can now have peace of mind when you choose one of our recommended betting sites.