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Conditions of use

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The onlinebettingsa site is determined to provide the best content and exciting offer for our reader. The online betting site has provided several third party betting sites so that you get a preview of the best that the betting market has to offer to which you are paying any extra for that extra information.  

We provide information and reviews about different betting sites however we do not offer any betting on our site. On our site once you choose any of the sites to utilise their service you will have to register and log in of that particular site and will have to abide by their set of terms and conditions. You will be individually responsible for the accounts that you make on these third party sites.

We are very meticulous about our content on our site as much as possible however we do not warrant that the content available on the site is 100% accurate, reliable and complete. Content will not always be relevant with times hence we reserve the rights to make changes to the content and we are not obliged or required to serve any prior notice to the users. 

We reserve the right to manage content in terms of access, read, preserve and any disclosure of information obtained about the site, it is only fair to follow some guidelines for hassle free running of the site to which we must adhere to any applicable law, regulations, legal process, government requests, reinforce the terms of use and possible violations of them, address technical, security and fraudulent issues, provide support to user requests, protect the safety and security of the online betting site and its users.

This site is as it is available and there is no warranty of any kind expressed or implied. Onlinebettingsa does not take any responsibility for their party sites and does not guarantee against any security breaches or virus attacks. We neither endorse nor do we guarantee any content, product or services that are advertised or featured on third party sites.Online betting will not be responsible for any user conduct whether it is illegal or negligent conduct or any user from any of the other site users, the responsibility and consequences rests on the user.

Online betting is determined to offer quality information about the third party that is linked on the site, to be able to provide the best we need to receive revenue through different avenues. For example we charge a certain fee from our third party betting sites based on pay per click. Every time someone clicks we receive a small fee each time. The same rule applies to all the third party sites and to also reiterate that no one third party site is favoured in any manner. 

Online betting will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss of specials, exemplary, incidental and consequential damage or loss of data revenue reputation or profits arising because of technical issues and inability to use the site. 

You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless, online betting and its affiliates and our employees, officers and directors will not be responsible for your inability to use the site, or any other violation of terms. 

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Access to the online betting site may be restricted for some time to be able to do maintenance in terms of repair and upgrades. If you find any issues with the working of the site for a considerable amount of time then you should contact us immediately.  

Your usage of online betting sites warrant that you agree with our terms and conditions, if you do not agree with any stipulated terms of use then you are not authorised to use the services and must leave immediately.