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  • Live lucky numbers draws 24/7
  • Sleek design and user-friendly interface website
  • Fair number of bonuses and promotions
  • There are casinos, sports betting, lotteries

Bonus For Registration On Yesplay and Get Other Bonuses - 08.08.2022

  • Yesplay has Lotto and Lucky Number draws taking place 24/7
  • Simply click on the Bonus button below to register at this site
  • Register right away and claim your bonus 

Yesplay provides a gambling experience characterized by several bonuses. The standout thing about this brand is that their offers are available to both new and old bettors.

The only major requirement is to have an account on their website. This guide is the only thing you need, especially if you are new to Yesplay.

We will show you how you can sign up and claim the welcome bonus. For old players, we also showcase the offers and incentives available for you.

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How to get a bonus for registration on Yesplay

This brand is known for bonuses so it’s no surprise that getting a bonus on Yesplay is quite easy for every South African bettor.

It doesn’t matter if you are an old bettor or punter, if you are new to Yes play, you still get a bonus. However, registration is the first step to getting it.

As new signup, you have access to their 100% deposit bonus matched up to R1000.

To help you get your first bonus, below is a list of guidelines to sign up on Yesplay.

  • Visit the YesPlay site: Enter Yesplay.co.za on your browser
Yesplay sign up bonus: the second step
  • Select the “Sign Up” Button: click on the Sign Up button on the top right of the screen.
Yesplay sign-up bonus: the third step
  • Click on ‘Sign Up’ to register: Once you click on ‘Sign Up’ button. You will then be prompted to enter your mobile number and your ID number. Once your personal information has been entered you need to accept the Terms and Conditions. 
Yesplay sign-up bonus: step four
  • Click on the “Sign In’ Button”: Once you have registered, enter your username and password and go on to the main site and you are now ready to make your first deposit and claim your bonus.
Yesplay sign-up bonus: the fifth step

This instruction – can be helpful for the Yesplay bet app and mobile version.

Yesplay Sign Up Bonus terms and conditions

Yesplay offers bonuses, but they also reserve the rights to their terms and conditions.

Here are the requirements you should know about the bonus:

  1. All sign-up bonus offers are any other games other than sports. You can use them on casino games and lucky numbers, but not sports.
  2. The offer is capped with a 30-day validity period. Yesplay reserves the right to withdraw the bonus from your account once the time elapses.
  3. Yesplay specifies some fraudulent means that bettors take to take undue advantage of their offers:
  4. Having more than one account.
  5. Trying to use VPN to claim offers that you should not be able to access.

If you are guilty of any of them, then the brand reserves the right to remove their offers from your account.

  • The minimum amount you need to credit your account for the deposit bonus is R100. And before you can withdraw, you need to stake the offer at least five times.

These are the main terms and conditions; provided that you follow them, Yesplay guarantees you a good time.

Other bonuses on Yesplay

Apart from the sign-up bonus and deposit bonus, Yesplay offers a lot of promotions and bonuses to old players as well as new ones.

These bonuses include:

Referral bonuses

Yesplay is a big fan of referrals. They reward you for bringing your friends to the platform.

If your friends sign up, successfully verify, and deposit, then you get an extra R50 to bet. What makes Yesplay referral bonus stand out is that it does not have a maximum limit.

So, feel free to refer as much as possible.

They don’t impose any excessively demanding terms and conditions. The catch is that the R50 is only valid for 30 days, which is more than enough time to use it.

Double bonuses

New signups who haven’t placed any bet with their welcome bonus stand a chance to enjoy even double. If you make an additional deposit between R100 and R1000, they double the amount.

You also have 30 days to use it up, which is more than enough time for any regular bettor.

Super boost bonus

The Yesplay super-boot bonus is only valid for multi-bets. So if you are a single bet player, for the sake of this offer, you should go bigger with your bets.

On your multi-bet tickets, you stand a chance to get up to 40% boost, meaning your potential wins also increase by the same percentage.

And as expected, the more games on your slip, the higher your chance of getting the boost.

United States Megamillions Promo

The United States Megamillions promo is specifically for players who bet on the 4 Balls + Bonus ball market. You are required to select four regular and bonus balls per bet, with each single bet costing R1.

Since it is a mega millions offer, you are required to purchase 100 single bets which amounts to R100.

However, instead of paying R100, Yesplay offers a 50% discount, meaning you only have to pay R50. You can enjoy this draw under this discount up to ten times per day.

If you want to partake of this offer, you need to be quick as the promo is subject to expire very soon.

RSA Powerball Promo

This promo is very similar to the megamillions promo, however, this time, you make your purchase on SA Powerball Draw.

The market is also restricted to 4 Balls + Bonus Ball where you must choose four regular and bonus balls for each bet.

Each bet cost the same R1, and you must purchase 100 to qualify for the promo so it amounts to R100. Yesplay covers half so you only need to pay R50, allowing you to win more while paying less.

You can also play up to ten times a day. And just like the mega millions promo, it is expiring very soon, so you need to be quick.

Special odds

Yesplay occasionally offers special odds on selected matchups. Whenever it happens, the odds would be higher than you can find on other betting sites.

What makes this bonus fun is that you can’t tell when it comes, just be on the lookout. You will be able to tell from the odds when you see it.

WhatsApp Bonus

Yesplay allows you to put your Whatsapp to good use. Chat them up with the message ‘Bonus’, and you stand a chance to get up to R25 on your betting account.

Loyalty reward

Old players are the main target for the Yesplay loyalty reward. When it is your turn to enjoy it, you get a 10% refund on losing bets.

It is one way they thank old players for sticking with them.

Under what circumstances can the bookmaker refuse to pay the bonus?

This is not a normal occurrence but these are the possible reasons on why the bookie may refuse to pay the bonus:

  • In the event YesPlay believes that a player is abusing the bonus offer or are likely to benefit in bad faith they may at their sole discretion choose to cancel or withdraw the bonus.
  • You may also be temporarily or permanently barred from YesPlay and they will be under no obligation to refund any deposits made by the player
  • The bonus is credited to a players account on the sole provision that the bonus will not be withdrawn before the wagering requirements are met. The bonus cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer

What to do if the bonus is refused by the bookie

YesPlay has a dedicated service that handles all disputes regarding payments and Bonus queries. They can be contacted on the following email address: customers@yesplay.net. 


Do I have to go through the FICA process to get the bonus?

Yes, you have to go through the FICA process to get the bonus offers. They demand South African ID verification.

Does the bookmaker have promo codes?

Yes. Yesplay offers promo codes to eligible bettors. These promo codes can be used to increase your earnings.

Is Yesplay a legal bookmaker?

Yes. Yesplay is a legal betting operator registered by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing board.