The Best Betting Bonuses in South African

South African bookies offer one of the best bonuses in the gambling industry. These bonuses vary from brand to brand, and each bookie adds a unique touch to their offers. Players love these offers, and it is one of their criteria for settling with a bookmaker.

Sometimes, finding bonuses that suit you can be challenging, right? Do you know how long you spend online trying to check several offers with their requirements? What if we told you we have the solution to save your time. We will provide you with the best legal bonuses in the best bookies in South Africa. You don’t need to surf the web endlessly searching again. We will recommend the best ones, so you only have to pick. We bet you are already excited. Let’s get to it immediately!

Best Betting Sites With Free Registration Bonus in South Africa

  1. 3000

    Bonus to be wagered 5 times at odds of 9/10 or more before you can withdraw

  2. 50

    Bonus must be wagered at least five times (5x) with min odds of 5/10.

  3. 1000

    First deposit plus bonus must be wagered at least five times (5x) with min odds of 5/10.

  4. 1000

    Players need to wager six times the bonus at minimum odds of 0.70 (7/10)

  5. 100

    Bonus must be used on a single bet of min odds of 5/10 (0.5)

  6. 1000

    Rollover your first deposit 3 times with bets where the odds are greater than 2.0 (1/1)

  7. 1000

    Rollover of 6 times at bet min odds of 7/10 on single bets or Multiple Min Odds of 12/10

Types of Free Bets Bonuses

When you receive free bets, you can place wagers worth the free bet amount. So if you have an R20 free bet, your next R20 wager would be under the bonus. Even if you have money in your bookie account, they won’t charge you till you exhaust the offer. Bookies popularly offer free bets in varying kinds to players. We would like to categorize them based on the requirements to get them. We broadly put them into four types. Let’s take a moment to explain what each of them entails.

Free Bets With Deposit

As the name implies, before you can enjoy anything under this offer, you need to deposit some funds. Usually, there is a minimum deposit threshold your bookie sets for you to claim the offer. Sadly, there is no shortcut to it; if your deposit is not up to the minimum requirement for the bonus, you won’t receive anything.

How do bookmakers present it? Let’s assume it is an R30 free bet deposit bonus. They would state that to enjoy the R30; you should deposit a minimum of R20. Immediately you deposit R20, your bookie should credit your account with the bonus as promised.

So for the next series of bets, till it surpasses R30, you bet with free bonus.

The interesting part of this offer is that all profits are yours. So every profit you make while using the bonus is yours to claim.

However, some bookmakers may impose some additional wagering requirements before you can claim the profits. For example, if they impose a 3x wagering requirement, you’ll need to wager the bonus three times before you can withdraw the profits. There will also be a validity period, so you must be time conscious.

Free Bets Without Depositing

Free bets without depositing sounds too good to be true, right? Well, believe it because it exists! Most bookies award it to new sign-ups, but some generous brands periodically gift it to existing players.

Unlike the former, which demands that you deposit a minimum amount before claiming your bonus, in this variant, you don’t need any deposit. While some bookies give you instantly, others mandate the use of a bonus code to claim it. Whichever it is, you should not have a difficult time claiming it.

Since this offer is usually for free, bookmakers usually impose stricter conditions and requirements. However, they are not usually far-fetched, and you can attain them easily. Moreover, you have nothing to lose, whichever requirement they impose, because none of your real cash is at stake.

You should also take note of the validity period. Most brands impose shorter validity periods for this variant so always keep them in mind.

Free Bets For Sign Up and Passing the FICA

FICA is a demand imposed on bookies by the South African government. This measure is to prevent money laundering and other fraudulent financial activities.

Before you can have full access to the features and services, you need to pass the FICA verification. For example, some bookies allow you to deposit and play before verifying, and others mandate that you do it before any transaction.

To encourage players to do the appropriate, some bookies give free bets when they pass the FICA check. You only need to provide the required documentation to pass the verification; you need a valid means of identification and a recent utility bill. Verification takes a few hours to a few days.

Whichever it is, you receive your free bet immediately after approval. Some bookies give this offer even after the deposit or with no deposit bonus betting South Africa. It is to encourage players to verify their accounts and gamble legally. Depending on the bookie, it also comes with validity periods and wagering requirements.

Refer a Friend Bonus

Some betting bonus sites give you rewards when you bring a friend to sign up on their platform. How do they do it? How can they be sure that the friend is from you? It is through a special link.

Brands that offer referral bonuses give you a special link. Each player has a special link generated from the website. Ensure that your friend signs up through your special link; else, the referral won’t count.

So who do they reward? Both you and your friend would receive the bonus. However, bookies are aware that players could try to play smart. For example, some individuals may try to sign up with their link on another browser, posing as a separate entity.

Well, referral bonuses are foolproof. Before you or your friend can receive the bonus, most bookmakers demand that your friend passes the FICA verification. Some brands take it a bit further and mandate that your friend deposit a minimum amount before any of you can receive the offer.

The requirements vary from brand to brand, so read the terms and conditions thoroughly.

Best Betting Sites With Free Registration Bonus in South Africa

We bet you are excited to try out some of these offers from bookies. To save you time searching, we will show you some of the betting sites with free registration bonuses in South Africa.

World Sports Betting (WSB) R50 Free Registration Bonus

R50 Free Registration Bonus

World Sports Betting, the fan’s bookie, is very popular for their R50 Free registration bonus. This promotion is valid for all new sign-ups. The bookie does not demand a FICA check for you to receive this bonus.

Once you sign up in WSB, they will conduct a small security check; you get the bonus in your betting account once you pass.

Of course, WSB imposes its demands so that people don’t go about opening new accounts solely for the bonus.

  • You can only claim this offer within the first 72 hours of registering your account. If, for some reason, you are not able to pass the security check within the first 72 hours of signing up, you bid the R50 farewell.
  • If, after completing the security check, you cannot receive your bonus, you have the right to contact support for inquiries.
  • You cannot withdraw the R50 immediately after you get it. It is strictly for betting.
  • Even after betting and meeting the wagering requirements, WSB demands that you deposit R50 before you can withdraw the bonus.
  • Although they don’t demand FICA checks to claim the bonus, you can only withdraw after completing FICA verification.

The requirements are easy, and no one should have issues meeting up with them. However, it is best to stick with them to avoid complications. WSB only allows one person per family to claim this bonus. If you attempt to receive it more than once in any dubious way, the bookie may remove and prevent you from enjoying the promotion.

Gbets R25 Free Registration Bonus

R25 Free Registration Bonus

Gbets is a popular brand doing a great job satisfying every customer. Part of their grand welcome for players is an R25 sports betting sign up bonus. But, as the name implies, you can only use it for sports, so it doesn’t apply to games like lotto.

Receiving this sports betting welcome bonus is easy, and you don’t need any code to claim it. They don’t mandate FICA verification to receive it also. Once you register on gBets, you will find a pop-up describing the bonus within the accounts section. Simply hit claim, and the bonus will enter your account.

To enjoy this offer, you need to stick to their requirements:

  • This offer is restricted to only sports and no other game. You can use it to place either live or pre-match bets.
  • The period of validity is 48 hours. Since the bonus is not too large, you can use it within 48 hours. If it passes that time limit without you exhausting it, it will leave your account.
  • The minimum odds for placing bets with this bonus is 1.5.
  • You can only win a maximum of R25 with this bonus. Immediately you hit this threshold, Gbets will credit your account with R25 and, in turn, remove their R25 bonus. So, you are left with R25 in your account in the end.
  • To withdraw the R25 profit, you must deposit R25 and turn it over once.

Once you complete these demands, the bonus will be fully yours. Note that this bonus is restricted to one account per person, so you cannot enjoy it more than once. Make it count!

Playabets R25 Free Registration Bonus

Playabets R25 Bonus

Another bookie generous enough to offer free incentives is Playabets. They are also reputable brands with a good record of serving customers’ best interests. They are one of the best betting sites with free registration bonus.

The R25 free registration offer is valid for new sign-ups in Playabets and old users who never claimed it. After successful registration, log in to your account, and you will find it in the bonus offer section. Claim it, and it should enter your account almost immediately. You don’t need any code or FICA verification to claim this offer.

They also have some requirements that you must follow if you want to withdraw your profits:

  • This of all betting promotions is valid for only 48 hours after claiming it. If you don’t play with it within 48 hours after claiming it, Playabets will remove it from your free betting bonus balance.
  • You need to turn the R25 four times to make it eligible for withdrawal.
  • For single bets with this offer, you need to play with a minimum odds of 1.20. For multiple bets, you need to play a minimum of 2.0.
  • When it is eligible for withdrawal, you need to deposit at least R25. And you must play with a minimum odds of 2.0.
  • If you are on any promotion or bonus, you cannot claim the R25 bonus simultaneously.

Once you meet their demands, you can withdraw your profits without any opposition. Although they don’t demand FICA verification while you play with the Playabets bonus, you need to verify before you can withdraw. You can only claim it once.

The Best Free Bet Bonuses In South Africa

What could be better than being able to bet for free? It’s a joy knowing that you could win real money without staking your cash. Some bookies are generous enough to dish out these offers.

As you may already know, you cannot withdraw these free bet bonuses immediately after you claim them. You must use them to stake; the profit is what you are after. Let’s consider the best free bet offers.

World Sports Betting (WSB) R50 Free Bet Bonus

R50 Free Bet Bonus

WSB is well known for its bountiful offers. They also top our list for free bets, as they offer one of the biggest in the South African market. When you register, you stand a chance to claim an R50 Free bet.

When you register your new account, they demand that you complete a quick security check. This security check is not FICA; it is only to verify that you are not a bot.

After passing the check, you can claim your R50 free bet. You don’t need any promo code or FICA verification to claim this bonus. The catch is that you must do the verification before you can withdraw.

Playabets R25 Free Bet Bonus

Playabets is not new to the industry, and for long, they satisfied their South African players. One way they still attract players is through their exclusive free bet bonuses.

The Interesting thing about this bonus is that it is not restricted to only new players. In other brands, players that sign up before they begin promotions like this miss out on it. However, with Playabets, things are a little different.

If you never enjoyed the R25 sign up bonus bet offer while signing up, then head to the promotions section and claim it. New players do not need any FICA verification to enjoy it. But the brand mandates it before you can withdraw.

Gbets R25 Free Bet Bonus

Gbets is not alien to both new and old bettors. The brand has been around for a while, and they also offer an R25 free bet bonus. New players can enjoy this offer, and they don’t need a bonus code to claim it.

You don’t also need any FICA verification to enjoy this offer. Although before you can withdraw the profits, you need to complete your verification.

The bonus remains one of the easiest, and you need only one click to get it into your account. This Gbets R25 free bet bonus is only the first of many.

Other Bonuses

If you think free bets are the only available betting bonuses in South African bookies, you have it all wrong. It is only one of the numerous ones available in the market.

While some offer deposit bonuses, others work with more dynamic offers as you use their services. Let’s see some other bountiful incentives from these bookies.

WSB R10,000 100% Deposit Bonus

You heard it right; you stand a chance to win R10,000 with WSB. They are one of the best betting sites with welcome bonus in South Africa.

This bonus is only valid for new sign-ups. When you make your first deposit, the bookie matches a 100% equivalent and credits your account with it. It is important to remember that this promotion covers only the first deposit.

If you want to enjoy it to the fullest, you should deposit the maximum, which is R10,000. But, of course, if you can’t go big, there is no need to break the bank. The minimum amount to enjoy the promo is R50.

The bookie imposes a five times wagering requirement to withdraw the bonus. And only bets of 5/10 odds count under this requirement.

If you try to claim it twice or use any other dubious means, WSB could ban your account. So, it is best to enjoy it while it lasts.

Betcoza R1000 100% Deposit Bonus

Betcoza is another greatly rated bookie among South Africans. The brand is well known for its ever dynamic bonuses and promotions. Now and then, they always have bonuses for both new and old players.

One of their offers that stand out is the 100% deposit bonus. You can get up to R1000 with this offer. Only new players, who will register in Betcoza can enjoy this offer, and if you can’t aim big, you only need R50 to enjoy the minimum amount.

Before you can claim it, you must verify your email on the official website. In order to claim your Betcoza bonus without mistakes – we have created a step-by-step guide on our website.

They demand a six times turnover, which is only valid for sports and bet vegas. Once you satisfy the requirements, you can choose to withdraw your profits anytime.

Playabets R1000 100% Deposit Bonus

R1000 100% Deposit Bonus

Playabets offers new players an additional 100% deposit bonus to top their free bet offer. Players can enjoy up to R1000 with this offer, and you know the interesting part?

It is bonus valid for up to 90 days! That is enough time to expend R1000 and even withdraw your profits.

They demand a wagering requirement of at least three times. And you cannot claim this offer if you have another ongoing promotion running in your account.

Yesplay R1000 100% Deposit bonus

100% deposit bonuses seem like the norm with these South African bookies. Yesplay is another amazing bookie. And they are generous enough to offer players up to R1000.

This bonus is valid for only new players, and it has a wagering requirement of 3x. Therefore, for your bet to count, you need to stake a minimum of 1/2 odds.

Players love the Yesplay bonus because it is not so demanding. You don’t need to over-stretch yourself before you can claim it. The requirements are low, realistic, and very attainable.


Which betting sites give a welcome bonus for registration?

World Sports Betting (WSB), Playabets, Gbet, Yesplay, Sunbet, Topbet, Bet.Co.Za

Which betting sites give a no-deposit bonus?

World Sports Betting (WSB), Playabets, and Gbets.

Which Bookmaker Has the Best Welcome Bonus?

World Sports Betting (WSB) has the best and most bountiful bonuses. They offer an R50 Free bet bonus and a 100% deposit bonus matched up to R10,000. Most importantly, the wagering requirements are not too tasking, so you can easily clam them.

Which betting app gives you a free bet when you register?

Sites like Playabets and Gbets with free bonuses also give it on their app. If a brand has betting apps, the users will also enjoy the betting site free bonus.

Are all the Bookmakers in this Article Legal?

Yes, all bookies in this article are legal and licensed in South Africa. We would never recommend illegal bookmakers. All our picks are results of thorough testing and evaluation; we never settle for less.

Which betting site has the highest welcome bonus?

YesPlay R3.000 1s deposit bonus is the highest welcome bonus available.


It is not debatable that the best South African bookies have some of the best bonuses you will ever find around. Therefore, we evaluated each bookie to ensure that not only are the bonuses good, but they also offer some of the best services in the business.

Why don’t you give the free registration bonuses a try if you are in doubt? After all, what do you have to lose? It is not late to join the moving train. So pick the bonus that appeals to you the most and give it a shot. You can’t regret it!