Best Betting Sites in SA

There are so many betting sites in South Africa today and it is difficult to differentiate the legit ones. Newbies especially fall victim to scams and ripoffs because they don’t know the sites to use.

Unknown to many players, their bookie may be legit but they are not treating them good enough. There are several South African bookmakers that show more concerns for the best interest of their customers through bonuses, good support and many more.

    • Playabets offers an app for Android and iOS
    • Excellent Welcome bonus
    • User friendly website
    • Easy navigation on desktop and mobile
    • Great customer service

    Bonus: 1st deposit bonus up to R1000

    • Excellcent promotions
    • Wide range of sports and casino game available
    • Easy wagering requirements for the bonus
    • The sportsbook has a Lucky Numbers option
    • Sunbet has an optimised mobile version

    Bonus: 100% Bonus up to R1 000

    • Live streaming on selected matches
    • wide variety of betting options
    • Multiple secure deposit methods
    • Low wagering requirements
    • User-friendly betting platform

    Bonus: 1st deposit Bonus up to R1 000

    • Referral bonus
    • Live lucky numbers draws 24/7
    • Sleek design and user-friendly interface website
    • Fair number of bonuses and promotions
    • There are casinos, sports betting, lotteries

    Bonus: 1st deposit bonus up to R3000

    • Great promotions and features
    • Mobile app for Android devices
    • Super fast payout times
    • Live match tracker

    Bonus: 1st deposit bonus up to R1 000

    • Functional mobile app
    • Fast payout times
    • User-friendly website
    • Regular promotional offers

    Bonus: R30 no deposit bonus

    • Largest welcome bonus
    • best odds on football, multi payout methods
    • WSB has an easy-to-use bet slip for players
    • 24/7 customer service

    Bonus: 100% bonus up to R10 000

    • Streamlined registration process
    • Variety of Sports covered
    • Super fast withdrawals

    Bonus: Get Up to 125% Multi-Bet Bonus

Our aim is to reveal the best sites for the South African betting market. We will show you the criterias for picking these sites too. Read on and enjoy.

These are the best bookies in the following categories 

CategoriesBest Bookmaker 
🎁 Best Bonuses Playabets
📲 Bookmakers AppsSunbet
% Best Bookies’ Odds World Sports Betting
⚽ Football Betting World Sports Betting
🏏 Cricket Betting Gbets
🏉 Rugby bettingSunbet
🐴 Horse Racing Betting Topbet

Things To Consider When Choosing A Betting Website

The concept of betting is something familiar to several persons regardless of whether they are new or old players. Unlike the earlier days, the number of betting sites that exist are too many to count. It poses a huge discomfort for interested users to avoid playing on the wrong sites or sites unworthy of time and investment.

However, knowing the right site to pick is pretty easy when one knows what to be on the lookout for. Read on and find out the things your online betting platform should have:


The reputation of online betting companies in South Africa

You don’t need to sign up to know the reputation of any betting platform. You will always find reviews and opinions of their customers on the internet. Although the reviews cannot be all good, you will get a good sense of the general opinion of the masses.

If the negative remarks and reviews surpass the positive ones, you should avoid such platforms. You should also endeavor to check for licenses, previous sanctions, if any; such information will help you to know if the website is reputable.

It is important to note that before you join an online bookie, you check the legality of that betting site. They have to have a license from one of the provincial licensing boards otherwise they will be classed as an illegal betting site.

When you complete your registration at any legal betting site you will be required to submit your FICA documents for verification before you can withdraw any winnings. We can taken the time and researched all the South African bookies and found the 7 best bookies for you.

All these bookies are fully licensed and have a great reputation for fairness and honesty. You can read the full reviews on each of the bookies on this site.

If you have a complaint about a bet you must engage the bookmaker concerned. If the dispute could not be resolved you are entitled to formally lodge a dispute with the regulatory authority which is the Provincial Gambling Board in the Province where the bet was placed.

All bets placed with a bookmaker are subject to regulatory oversight by the Provincial Gambling Boards of which there are nine. Each Provincial Gambling Board legislates a set of Bookmaker Rules which serve as the minimum set of rules applicable to betting transactions. Each bookie is entitled to further determine additional rules, betting limits and general terms and conditions applicable to supplement the minimum rules. The additional rules must not be in conflict with the minimum rules.

These are the Provincial Gambling Boards that will investigate and adjudicate on the dispute:

Available Bonuses

Available Bonuses in online betting sites in South Africa

When looking for top betting sites, you have to pay close attention to the types of bonuses available to both old and existing users. With the advent of many casinos, casino operators put in new bonus offers for users who play on the site. It is a means to ensure continued loyalty on the user’s part to the casino.

For your comfort, we’ve created our rating of betting sites with a free registration bonus in South Africa.

However, users must understand that certain casino sites hide vital information necessary for you to cash out. You can always find this information in the terms and conditions of such offers. It could be in wager requirements or a time frame attached to forfeiting the whole bonus.

It makes it imperative for persons to read the terms and conditions for each bonus before accepting them.

This competition has been great for players as they have a wide selection of the best sports betting apps and offers. But with so many leading online sports betting companies offering similar odds and markets, it can be difficult to choose where to bet. One of the deciding factors is often the available promotions and these are some of the different types of sports betting bonuses available to players.

The Welcome bonus

Best Betting Sites in South Africa: The Welcome bonus

Perhaps the most common sports betting bonus available to players today is the Welcome bonus followed by the risk free bet.  The Welcome bonus promotion is only available to new customers and is usually in the form of a percentage based on the first deposit. For example, you may receive a 100% bonus up to the value of R1000 on your first deposit at the online bookie.

Risk Free Bet

Best Online Betting Sites South Africa: Risk Free Bet

Some online sports betting websites will even give your money back as a free bet, should your first bet lose. 

This risk-free bet is the second most popular bonus available to players in South Africa, and some online sportsbooks offer risk-free bets as high as R500, with one bookie offering 2 risk free bets up to R1000.

Free Bets

Free bets in South African Betting Companies

Free bets is slightly different to a risk-free bet as it doesn’t require any wagering requirements, you just get a betting bonus to use as you want.   The free bet bonus is relatively low compared to bookies offering risk-free bets.

Birthday Bonus

Birthday Bonus from list of betting companies in South Africa

Many bookies offer a deposit match on your birthday while others give you a free bet but these free bets are generally R50 with the highest birthday free bet being R100. 

These are not the only bonuses offered by local bookies and if you read our reviews then you can find how each bookies rates on our list of bookies with the best bonuses.

Multiplatform Availability

Multiplatform Availability - is one of the most important things in Online Sports Betting South African

Gone are the days when online sports betting South Africa were limited to only web pages; now we have mobile and desktop applications. Multiplatform availability comes in handy; you don’t have to stay glued to your computer screen all day long. With your mobile phone, you can always play from anywhere and any time as long as you have internet access.

Before you sign up, check if they have a downloadable betting app with good features. If not, you should also access their website on a mobile device and make sure it has proper mobile optimization.

Customer Service

Betting Companies in South Africa have some difficulties with Customer Service, but it's not a big problem

One major turn-off to many bettors is poor customer service. Customer support is the best option whenever you face issues on the betting site. When you have slow, unhelpful or no response at all, it is a big red flag for such a platform. You need to be sure that they are available when you need them.

Modern betting sites South Africa now have live chat which is much faster than email or phone contact. You should prioritise live chat over the others if you want speed.

Sports Betting Markets

Sports Betting Markets - main option in choosing Best Betting Sites South Africa

Football is undoubtedly the most popular sport to bet on in South Africa and naturally you would want to know if there is a particular bookie that has the best odds and promotions on football. We will briefly compare two of the most popular bookies and their football offerings to punters.

Let’s take a look at how World Sports Betting and Sunbet go head to head in terms of football betting.

Both bookies have extensive betting markets available with football leagues from around the world extensively covered. They both also have an Odds Booster on all football multiple bets but WSB offers the better promotions on football especially when there are major tournaments coming up. Before and during these events WSB always offers a bonus on all deposits while Sunbet very seldom have promotions for a specific football event.

Sunbet has a Match Tracker Feature for all live football matches while WSB goes one better and has a Live Streaming feature for selected football matches. After careful consideration we will have to say that WSB is the best local bookie for football.

We have completed the comparison of two bookies for the most popular sport now we will compare to betting sites and their coverage of a less popular sport like basketball.

Playabets and Gbets both cover basketball extensively but there is a clear winner when you compare these sites. Gbets has all the major European and American basketball leagues covered and so does Playabets.

One of the major differences though is that Playabets have the widest range of betting markets on a single basketball game while Gbets have limited markets available. Another area that Playabets outshines Gbets is with their superb odds and this is what punters consider the most important factor when choosing a bookie.

Playabets offer extensive handicap betting on all basketball matches while Gbets does not offer this. We can confidently say that if you want to bet on basketball then Playabets is the bookie for you.


Payments - another important parameter in choosing betting sites in South Africa

Once you sign up with a bookie and you are ready to make your first deposit, the attention now turns to which method of payment you want to use to fund your account.

There are a multitude of payment options available to players. This method that you use is very important as some of them are not instant and you may have to wait as long as 24 hours before the funds reflect in your betting account.

One of the most popular ways to fund your account these days is the OZOW method as the funds instantly reflect in your betting balance. The Voucher method is also hugely popular as it is instant and you don’t need a bank account to use this method as vouchers can be purchased at any retail store.


There is nothing more frustrating for a punter than winning but not being able to have your cash straight away.

In recent times bookies have many options to withdraw your funds. Some bookies have retail shops all over the country where you can collect your winnings immediately up to R10 000.

They also do bank transfers into your account but the most impressive feature is the Instant cash or E-wallet as your funds become available within hours.

You have to have your FICA documents (ID and Proof of Residence) verified before you make your first withdrawal.

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Best Betting Sites in South Africa

Specific features of South African betting and tips

The most successful online betting sites are those bookies that understand the local betting market. The common trend that local bookies share with European bookies is the multitude of different betting markets for football.

Apart from this there are not many common factors with local bookies and overseas bookies. Overseas bookies for example are more prone to focus on sports like smaller sports like volleyball and baseball and those are not sports that South Africans generally bet on. Local bookies will have extensive and in depth coverage of rugby while the international sites will not have the same coverage.

There are various types of bets that are available and a single football match can have more than a hundred different bet types for punters. Although there are many types of online bets, some being more complex than others, you can quickly understand all of them with just a little reading up.

Here are five of the most popular types of sports bets explained in full detail, so you know which bet to make when and how to get the most value for your betting money.

Win Bet

Win/Bet - the simplest bets in Online Betting South African sites

This is the simplest of all sports bets and is the most straightforward one to pick up. The win bet is used universally and the way this bet works is that you simply place a wager on the team you think will win the match, and if you get it right, you win the bet.

It can vary from sport to sport, for example, in football, you will also have the draw option to bet on, while in other sports like tennis or playoff basketball games, there are just two options.

Accumulator Bets

Accumulator Bets from Betting Sites in South Africa

Accumulator bets involve placing multiple selections as a part of one single wager. This has become the most popular type of bet due to the potential of major winnings.

However, you have to be careful when making accumulator bets, as they are relatively hard to win, as you have to get every selection right in order to pass your slip. If just one selection fails to win, your entire wager is lost.

But, the upside of this is that, if you win, the returns can be very lucrative.

Handicap Bets

Handicap Bets in SA Betting Sites

Handicap betting is one of the most popular types of bets among more experienced bettors. Handicap bets work exactly as they sound. The match favourite is placed under a handicapped situation, while the underdog starts the match with a positive result.

For example, in a football match including Manchester United and Newcastle, online bookies can place a handicap on the teams and give Newcastle a goal advantage at slightly lower betting odds, or place a -1 goal handicap at the expense of Manchester United and increase the odds of betting on them.

Manchester United have to win by at least two goals for you to win the handicap bet. In a way, this is very similar to the first type of bets, only it presents you with different options for betting on the teams you want to place bets on.

Special Bets

Special Bets in South African Betting Sites

Special bets are very fun and entertaining types of wagers that are more often up to luck than anything else.

Serious punters avoid making these types of bets, though if you’re informed, some of these bets can be good opportunities to earn a little extra cash. Special bets are generally specific bets that usually don’t have a direct effect on the outcome of the match in question.

For instance, popular special bets are who will score the first goal, take the first corner, or will any player score a hat-trick.

These bets keep you glued to the match until the final whistle if the result is known.

Outright Bets

Try a place a Outright Bet in SA Bookmakers

If you have a favoured team or player to win a specific tournament or competition and you want to bet on this, then outright bets are your best option. These types of bets are basically wagering on the potential winner of the specific competition weeks or months before the competition even starts.

This is also known as ante-post betting. When making outright or ante-post bets, all that matters for you to win the bet is that the team or player you backed at the beginning of the season goes all the way and lifts the trophy at the end.

Best Sportsbooks: Top 7 Betting Sites To Use

To choose the right bookmaker – we have prepared our TOP -7 betting sites in South Africa. Enjoy and make your choice!


One of the bookmaker from Online Betting SA

Key Features

  • Odd Booster
  • Huge Bonus
  • Mobile Live Betting

Minimum Deposit: R10

Bookie licence: KZN Gambling Board.

Games: These are some of the Bet Games available at this bookie,Wheel of Fortune, Dice Duel, Andar Bahar, Lucky 5, Lucky 6, Lucky 7, Speedy 7, 6+ Poker, War of Bets, Bet on Poker and Bet on Baccarat.

Available sports: There are over 40 different sports to bet on at Playabets.

Although Playabets have been existing offline for so long, they came into the online space around 2012. This bookie offers popular sports in South Africa like soccer, rugby, tennis, cricket, golf and many more. You can also trust this brand as it possesses a licence from the KZN Gaming and Betting Board and also Western Cape Gambling & Racing Board. You also enjoy a decent variety of payment methods.

Welcome Bonus

Playabets is a very generous bookie and you receive a bountiful deposit bonus. This offer is valid for first deposits on Playabet’s website and users receive a 100% match bonus, up to R1000. They also have an additional rollover clause valid for up to 3x of new users’ deposit provided that they play with 1/1 or higher odds.


  • Bountiful welcome bonus
  • User-friendly website interface
  • Diverse betting options


  • Customer support is not available 24/7
  • No live streaming servicelatively low odds

Playabets app

How to download this app?

Read here – Playabet App


Betcoza from South Africa Betting Sites list

Key Features

  • Responsive Live Chat
  • Multi Platform Availability
  • Wide Live Betting Options

Minimum Deposit: R10

Bookie licence: Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board

Games: These are some of the Bet Games available at this bookie,Wheel of Fortune, Dice Duel, Andar Bahar, Lucky 5, Lucky 6, Lucky 7, Speedy 7, 6+ Poker, War of Bets, Bet on Poker and Bet on Baccarat.

Available sports: There are over 32 different sports to bet on at is one of the big guns in the market; since they arrived in 2010, they keep moving up the ranks. South African players don’t hold back their praises and gratitude for this bookie. Their market is wide, odds are competitive, you also have a great live betting platform. They also offer live streaming for some events. has everything you need in a bookmaker.

Welcome Bonus

This brand doesn’t allow their already-blown reputation to hinder them from giving bountiful bonuses. New sign-ups can receive up to R1000 deposit bonus. It is a Betcoza 100% deposit match bonus and the only catch is that you deposit a minimum of R50. You can go as high as R1000 if you want to enjoy the best from it.


  • Great promotions and VIP programs
  • Well optimised and functional app
  • Competitive odds
  • Live streaming service in some sports


  • Sometimes the customer service can be slow to respond

Betcoza app

How to download this app?

Read here – Bet Co Za App


South African Bookmakers: Yesplay

Key Features

  • Referral Bonus
  • Odds and Bet Boost
  • Lucky Number Draws

Minimum Deposit: R10

Bookie licence: KZN Gambling Board.

Games: These are some of the Bet Games available at this bookie, Wheel of Fortune, Dice Duel, Andar Bahar, Lucky 5, Lucky 6, Lucky 7, Speedy 7, 6+ Poker, War of Bets, Bet on Poker and Bet on Baccarat.

Available sports: There are over 24 different sports to bet on at Yesplay.

Yesplaybet is a great South African bookie that offers a touch of everything you need to enjoy your betting. They have a valid licence from the Western Cape Gambling and Racing board with a certified and secured website. The brand offers a wide variety of payment options with great bonuses and incentives for both new and old players.

Welcome Bonus

Bookmaker does not hold back in offering huge offers to their customers. New users stand a chance to enjoy a 100% deposit bonus matched up to R1000. It has a minimum limit of R100 but you can go higher if you want to enjoy it better by Yesplay bonus.


  • Huge bonus offers
  • Diverse range of payment methods
  • User-friendly website interface
  • Live games and events


  • Their sporting market is notably limited
  • No mobile app at the moment

Yesplay bet app

How to download this app?

Read here – How To Download Yesplay App


One of the Betting Sites in SA: gbets

Key Features

  • Live Multiview Feature
  • Daily Draws
  • Access to exclusive analysis and statistics.

Minimum Deposit: R10

Bookie licence: Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board

Games: These are some of the Bet Games available at this bookie,Wheel of Fortune, Dice Duel, Andar Bahar, Lucky 5, Lucky 6, Lucky 7, Speedy 7, 6+ Poker, War of Bets, Bet on Poker and Bet on Baccarat.

Available sports: There are over 31 different sports to bet on at Gbets.

Gbets is not new to the industry and they keep ageing like fine wine. They run a legal operation under the licence of the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board. Gbets offers an unusually wide range of sports markets including esports. Their users enjoy live streaming services alongside the live betting.

Welcome Bonus

Gbets is generous in their offers, giving players a free R25 bonus when they sign up. You also get to enjoy a deposit bonus of up to R1000, usable on live games. It is a 100% gBet’s deposit bonus and with a minimum of R20, you will enjoy the offer.


  • Great user interface
  • Mobile availability
  • Live streaming services
  • Great promotions and loyalty programs


  • Their sporting market is notably limited
  • No mobile app at the moment


How to download this app?

Read here – Gbets Mobile


topbet is one of the betting company in South Africa

Key Features

  • Multi Platform availability
  • Great betting market

Minimum Deposit: R10

Bookie licence: Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board

Games: These are some of the Bet Games available at this bookie, Wheel of Fortune, Dice Duel, Andar Bahar, Lucky 5, Lucky 6, Lucky 7, Speedy 7, 6+ Poker, War of Bets, Bet on Poker and Bet on Baccarat.

Available sports: There are over 24 different sports to bet on at Topbet.

Topbet entered and rose to the top pretty quickly. Although they have a global base, the bookie still has a website dedicated to South African players. They offer some of the best odds in each sport and are also notable for their great betting options. The brand has a valid licence form the Gauteng Gambling Board which makes their operations legal.

Welcome Bonus

An interesting thing about Topbet is that their welcome bonuses are dynamic. They change it periodically to give new users a unique experience. Once you sign-up, Topbet gives you a R30 welcome bonus to play.


  • Functional mobile app
  • Fast payouts
  • Dynamic welcome offer


  • Their customer reception is not the best

Topbet app

How to download this app?

Read here – How To Download Topbet App


Sunbet is one of the Best Betting Site South Africa

Key Features

  • Cashout Feature
  • Odds Boost
  • Great VIP Program

Minimum Deposit: R10

Bookie licence: Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board

Games: These are some of the Bet Games available at this bookie,Wheel of Fortune, Dice Duel, Andar Bahar, Lucky 5, Lucky 6, Lucky 7, Speedy 7, 6+ Poker, War of Bets, Bet on Poker and Bet on Baccarat

Available sports: There are over 40 different sports to bet on at Sunbet.

Sunbet is one of those few South African sportsbooks that offer almost every sport including esports and horse racing. They have an exceptionally designed website that presents a very friendly user interface. Aside from the amazing bonuses and incentives, players also have access to a blog that covers news that may affect the betting sentiments. This bookie comes as an all-in-one package.

Welcome Bonus

Sunbet, being a generous brand, offers a 100% deposit bonus for new players. You can get up to R1000 with Sunbet deposit offer. The minimum limit lies at R50. Depending on when you sign up, you may enjoy some other dynamic offers like free bet, odd boost and many more.


  • Exceptional live mobile betting
  • Functional mobile app
  • Regularly updated blog
  • Horse racing support


  • No live streaming feature
  • Payment options is quite limited

Sunbet app

How to download this app?

Read here – How To Download Sunbet App

WSB (World Sports Betting)

WSB is one of the Top Online Betting Sites

Key Features

  • Live Streaming Support
  • Birthday Bonuses
  • Huge Welcome Offers

Minimum Deposit: R10

Bookie licence: Gauteng Gambling Board

Games: These are some of the Bet Games available at this bookie, Wheel of Fortune, Dice Duel, Andar Bahar, Lucky 5, Lucky 6, Lucky 7, Speedy 7, 6+ Poker, War of Bets, Bet on Poker and Bet on Baccarat

Available sports: There are over 40 different sports to bet on at WSB.

From the name, you should suspect that this sportsbook is old in the game. World Sports Betting is a fan favorite and it is not uncommon to see some South African players call it the people’s bookie. Being in the game since as far back as 2002, WSB has sealed their reputation as a good and reliable bookie.

Their services and offers also show that they truly value their customers. You get some of the best odds with great offers and even live streaming services.

Welcome Bonus

WSB is truly the is one of the most generous SA bookmakers around. You get several variations of welcome bonus. New sign-ups first get R50 no deposit bonus to wager on their favourite sports. As you play on, you may also become eligible to get a bet voucher worth R100.

The icing on the cake is their deposit bonus. On your first deposit, you stand to enjoy a 100% deposit bonus matched up to R10,000. You read it right; WSB offers up to R10,000 deposit bonus for new players.


  • Competitive odds
  • Live streaming service
  • Great incentives and VIP program
  • Exclusive live betting


  • The brand does not have a mobile app


How to download this app?

Read here – World Sports Betting Mobile Version

Best Sport To Bet On in South Africa

Amidst the numerous markets you will find in bookies, some are better for South African players. This preference is based on the leagues and viewing frequency within South Africa. Check our betting guides and fin out which sport might be more profitable for you!

Interested? Check the best sport to bet on article in SA and find out the answer!

Best bookmaker to bet on Cricket

List of Betting Sites in South Africa for Cricket: Gbets

Gbets has the T20 leagues like the IPL and Big Bash league well covered.They have turned the most boring Test Match into a thrill a minute with their live cricket bets where you can predict if the next ball will be a run or a wicket.

Cricket Betting Strategies: How to bet on Cricket?

It has revolutionized the way we watch and bet on cricket. Gbets offer great odds on all cricket matches plus they have excellent promotions on cricket leagues especially on the local T20 competitions.

They are the main sponsor of T20 provincial side Paarl Rocks therefore they have the most in-depth coverage of all local cricket matches. 

Best Rugby betting site

Best Betting Site in South Africa for  Rugby betting: Sunbet

South Africans love their rugby and without doubt Sunbet is the best bookie for rugby punters. They don’t disappoint with their wide ranging coverage of all rugby from the local Varsity Cup to the World Cup.

They also offer extensive coverage of Northern Hemisphere rugby like the United Rugby Championship, Champions Cup, English Premiership, French Top 14 and the Six Nations. Southern Hemisphere competitions like Super Rugby and the Currie Cup are also extensively covered.

Rugby Betting Strategies: How to bet on Rugby?

One of the best things we enjoy about Sunbet is the  fact that rugby odds are available almost a week before the match takes place while some bookies only put out the odds the day before.

Sunbet is also the only bookie that pays rugby punters 50% of their winnings even if their selected team draws the match. 

Best betting site for Football

List of Best Sport Betting Sites in South Africa for Football: WSB

World Sports Betting has football leagues from all over the world well covered with promotional features available on the most popular leagues namely our local PSL, EPL, La Liga, and Serie A and the Bundesliga. The major competitions like the Champions League, the Euro Championships and Copa America from around the globe are also available to bet on.

Soccer Betting Strategies: How to bet on Soccer?

There are numerous features and special bets available on every match. World Sports Betting football coverage will have every football punter smiling from ear to ear as they are the premier online bookie offering the largest sportsbook with regard to football. At the time of writing they had over 20 000 betting options just for football.

All multi bets on football qualify players to get an Odds Boost which can be as high as 50% extra on your winning bets. They also have the best odds on local and overseas football and we highly recommend them to all you football fans out there. 

Best bookie for Horse Racing betting

Top 10 Betting Sites in South Africa for Horse Racing betting

Most of the bookies mentioned on this site offer great selections of horse racing but it is Topbet that stands out from rest. This bookie has two sites and one of those sites is dedicated to horseracing. There are race meetings from around the world on this site.

Horse Racing Betting Strategies: How to bet on Horses?

All the different types of exotic bets from swingers to quartets can be played on this site. They offer great promotions on the major horse races like the July Handicap and the J&B Met.

No other bookie can compete with them in terms of the markets available for horse race coverage. 

Where to watch sports in SA?

I am sure like most punters you like to watch your teams in action and get the results as they happen. There is good news for you as we will give you some of the best sites to watch your favourite sport or if you cannot watch it live then the next best thing is to get the latest scores on your mobile.

  • Supersport is still the best channel to watch live sports especially if it is the major sports like football, rugby, cricket and tennis. All the global sporting events like the World Cups and Olympics are extensively covered. If you are a horse racing fan, they have a dedicated 24/7 channel showing races from around the globe.
  • You can live stream sports through the DSTV app with all the important international and local sporting matches covered.
  • We understand that it is not always possible to watch all the sporting action but you can keep updated by using sites like Flashscore and Sofascore. They are also great if you are looking for stats on your betting selections. Both these sites have extensive statistical data available on all sports.
  • There are also bookies like Betway,Hollywoodbets, World Sports Betting, that offer live streaming so you are never far from the action


We have used an extensive selection criteria when naming our top 7 betting sites in South Africa. All possible factors were taken into account from the registration process all the way to making your first deposit.

We have also researched how easy or difficult the payment and withdrawal process is at all 7 of these bookies. If a bookie fell short in a certain area we were quick to point out that weakness therefore you can be certain that all the reviews were done from a neutral perspective.

There was also thorough research conducted on the all bonuses offered by the bookies and we looked at the wagering requirements for these bonuses so that you can make a well informed decision before choosing a bookie. 


Which is the most trusted South African betting site?

We cannot point fingers at one as the most trusted South African betting site among the list of online sportsbooks. However, once a site is able to provide a licence from a reputable body and they are after the good of customers, you can bank on them.

How to choose the best betting site?

Choosing the perfect site to suit your needs is quite easy. All that is required to choose accurately is to do wide research. Search salient issues such as deposit methods, withdrawal delay, customer service response, security, fairness in games, and the availability of bonus packages or offers.

Is sports betting legal in South Africa?

Choosing the perfect site to suit your needs is quite easy. All that is required to choose accurately is to do wide research. Search salient issues such as deposit methods, withdrawal delay, customer service response, security, fairness in games, and the availability of bonus packages or offers.