How to bet on Tennis

Tennis ranks only behind football in the number of matches that are played daily therefore it is hugely popular on most betting sites. The sheer number of tournaments being played every week on all the different Tours allow tennis punters to be spoilt for choice.

The weekly tournaments attract a fair amount of interest but it is the Masters events and the Grand Slams that have the widest market coverage in terms of odds and the different type of bets.

Top tennis betting sites in South Africa

Tennis betting may not have the vast number of punters in South Africa but the bigger tournaments certainly have the local public engrossed.

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Since there are so many matches happening every day there is huge potential to win with multi bets. Tennis betting is offered by all local bookies but these are the seven best betting sites for tennis in South Africa.

Tennis Betting at World Sports Betting

WSB SA has loads of betting markets available on tennis betting so there is always a match to bet on.

Since tennis is played around the world there is almost always a match on the go for punters.

Live betting is available on selected matches.

The odds booster is also available for tennis multi bets.

Tennis Betting at Playabets

Tennis betting has over a hundred markets to bet on at any given time at Playabets so there are always matches to keep tennis punters entertained.

The odds are competitive and can match any other bookie.

They also offer an odds booster on all accumulator tennis bets.

Tennis Betting at Sunbet

Sun bet has arguably the most extensive betting markets on tennis with over 500 markets available on most days.

They also have the smaller tennis events like the Challenger series well covered with great odds.

Live betting is available for most of the tennis matches.

They offer punters half their stake back if their tennis accumulator of five selections or more loses by one leg.

Tennis Betting at Gbets

Gbet online have also jumped on the tennis betting bandwagon and have markets for tennis matches from around the globe.

They have live betting on selected matches and best of all is that you can follow the progress of the match with their Live Match Tracker.

They also have stats on all players for your pre match betting.

Tennis Betting at

Betcoza has coverage of all the WTA and ATP tours with all the Master events extensively covered while  the Grand Slams tournaments have especially great odds.

There are odds boosters on all the tennis multi bets.

Tennis Betting at Topbet

Topbet sport was not traditionally known as a betting site that had lots of markets for tennis but in recent times they have also started offering extensive tennis betting markets with decent odds.

During mid-week, there are over a hundred markets for tennis punters to bet on.

Tennis Betting at YesPlay     

YesPlay bet does offer tennis betting but their coverage of the tournaments from around the world is not the greatest but their odds can rival any other bookie.

They do however have widespread coverage of the Grand Slam events.

How to bet on tennis in South Africa: 3 Examples from Us

Tennis has always had a wide fan base in South Africa therefore there will always be a fair amount of punters for tennis betting.

The number of matches taking place makes it an extremely attractive sport to bet on. During the smaller events there always seems to be upset which allows punters to make some great profits.

The types of bets have also grown exponentially and you can now take handicap bets on the number of sets won by a player or even the total number of games in the match.

For mobile betting – choose your bookmaker from our sports betting South Africa apps ratings.

How to bet on tennis in HollywoodBets

Hollywoodbets were certainly quick to get onto offering extensive markets for tennis betting and they have also seen the need to get previews done before the Grand Slam events.

To bet on tennis at Hollywoodbets simply follow these easy steps.

Log onto HollywoodBets site
  1. Log onto HollywoodBets site. Enter your Username and Password on the top left of the page. Once these are entered click on the yellow Log In Button.
  2. Click on the tennis option on the left side of the home page
  3. Choose the league or competition you want to bet on
  4. Make your selections
  5. Your betslip appears on the right side of the page
  6. Once you make your selections click on the Submit Bet Button

How to bet on tennis in Betway

Betway has always had very good markets for tennis betting and most impressively they offer an odds booster on all tennis matches.

They also have live betting and punters can follow the tennis matches with the Live Tracker feature.

Follow these easy steps to bet on tennis at Betway.

Log onto the Betway site
  1. Log onto the Betway site
  2. Click of the tennis option which is on the banner of the home page
  3. Select the league that you want to bet on.
  4. Make your selections
  5. Your betslip appears on the right side of the page
  6. Once your selections are made click on the Bet Now button

How to bet on tennis in Supabets

Supabets have been also caught by the recent tennis betting bug and now offer excellent odds and betting markets for tennis tournaments from all across the globe.

Supabets have a bonus booster on all tennis multi bets.

Follow these easy steps to bet on tennis at Supabets.

Log onto the Supabets site
  1. Log onto the Supabets site
  2. Click on the tennis option on the left side of the home page
  3. Choose the desired league you want to bet on
  4. Make your selections
  5. Monitor your selection with the betslip on the right
  6. Once you made your selection click on the Confirm Bet button

How to choose the best betting site for Tennis betting?

Due to the number of tennis matches that are taking place daily there is huge potential for punters to make some great money.

Tennis betting has become so popular due to punters fancying their chances with hundreds of matches each day across different Tours and tournaments.

If you are into tennis accumulator bets then the smallest difference in odds could make a major difference to your winnings.

Choosing the right bookies is a difficult task but these following tips will be useful in your selection.

  1. The reputation of the site is very important
  2. The Welcome bonus they offer to new players
  3. The odds and markets available on tennis betting
  4. Live betting on tennis betting
  5. Bet with a free bonus being offered on tennis.

This is certainly an area where tennis has an upper hand on most other sports as there are many tournaments for both the men and women’s tours.

The betting sites are also covering the lesser known Challenger tour matches which add to the excitement for tennis punters. 

The ATP tour for the men and the WTA tour for the women are obviously the most important and extensively covered matches.

Within  the tour there are also Masters events which offer great prize money and attract all the top players.

These special tournaments give punters great opportunities to win big.

Major tennis tournaments

The four Grand Slam events of the year are the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open are the most prestigious tournaments with Wimbledon probably the holy grail for tennis players.

The Davis Cup is a team competition where countries are pitted against each other and can be very exciting and great for betting.

Local Coverage of tennis

Since the SA Open for tennis was done away with due to lack of sponsorships there have been no big tennis tournaments in South Africa. There is however a Challenger Series tournament that is held in the country but there are very limited betting markets available for punters.

Tennis is a very exciting sport; it gets better when you bet on it. The sport rewards bettors competitively, and without a doubt, punters profit a lot from it. However, amidst the sport’s simplicity, several bettors find themselves losing when they wager on the sport.

The lack of a proper strategy is a major factor why most people keep losing. This article will highlight the best tennis betting strategies to get you on track to winning ways. If you are new to betting on tennis, this review is what you need; read on and enjoy!

5 Best Tennis Betting Systems that Work

Best Tennis Betting Systems that Work

The importance of tennis betting strategy is underestimated; here are five of the best tennis betting strategy that works:



 Handicap betting, also called spread betting, is one of the simplest in tennis, and it involves picking who you predict to be the winner of the bout. However, there is a little more to it as it has a spread for each player.


In a game where the favorite has a spread of -4.5, and the underdog has +4.5, you can place a handicap bet on either of them. The odds translate that the winner must win the game by at least 4.5 games, which means five and above. If you place your bet and such happens, you win.

If you bet on the underdog, it means you predict that the underdog will lose the match with 4.5 games and below, which means at most four games. If you place the bet and such a player loses by more than four games, you lose.


  • It is simple and easy for beginners to understand
  • Higher winning probability


  • Betting on the underdog is riskier

Live Betting

Live Betting

Here is one simple strategy that many bettors overlook. You don’t need to place your wagers before the match; live betting, also called in-play betting, is one worth employing. Here, you wait for the rounds to begin before making your bets. Preferably, you can wait for the first round to finish to make your decision.


Every tennis game has an underdog and a favorite. The favorite is the player with a higher chance of winning, while the underdog has a lower chance. If a tennis game has the favorite and underdog at +2.5 and -2.5, respectively, wagering on favorite means, you predict the player will win by at least three rounds. In contrast, the underdog odds mean the player will lose by 2.5 rounds or lower.

If you are unsure of the favorite, you could wait for the first round to finish before gambling. That way, you will confidently place your wagers.


  • In-play tennis betting strategy gives you more precision with your choices
  • You place your wagers with more confidence


  • Since you are watching live, there is a tendency for emotional betting.

Underdog Betting

Underdog Betting

Underdog betting works out in tennis because it is a game of skills. Unlike other team sports, individual prowess dictates a lot in the game. When you want to use underdog betting, you should do a live bet.


Underdog betting goes perfectly with live betting because it is riskier; however, due to the nature of tennis, it is quite easy for an underdog to win a round yet lose the overall match. You can capitalize on such.

If the first round ends with the favorite winning by a close margin, there is a high probability that the underdog wins the second round. As you know, the odds on an underdog are rewarding; you can take advantage and bet on the underdog in this case.


  • Betting on the underdog is highly rewarding
  • Higher odds


  • Betting on an underdog is a riskier choice

Over/Under Betting

Under Betting

Just like any other sport, tennis has over and under betting too. In this case, you predict a winner; instead, you predict the number of games in a match. Although, you don’t have to predict it precisely; you pick a number then predict whether the total game would be over or under the number.


In a three-set match that you bet that it will end as over 21.5. In that case, if the match ends as 6-1, 6-2, 7-6, then the total adds up to 28, which favors your bet. Irrespective of the player who wins, you win the wager if the score is over the predicted number.

The opposite goes for under; if another bettor wagers an under 20.5 for the same event, such bettor loses the bet because the total score exceeded that number.


  • You don’t need to predict the exact match-winner
  • Higher winning probability


  • It is not the best option for uncertain matches

Correct Score Bet

Correct Score Bet

As the name implies, this is a tennis set betting strategy in which you attempt to predict the exact outcome for a tennis match. Although there are different variations to it, it is best to use what suits you. As the name implies, this is a tennis set betting strategy in which you attempt to predict the exact outcome for a tennis match. Although there are different variations to it, it is best to use what suits you. You could choose to predict the correct score for each game in a tennis match at a go, or only one game in the match; eIther way, the latter is riskier but more profitable.


Before a tennis game, you can choose to predict that the first game ends in 6-1 in favor of the favorite player. If it happens as predicted, you win. You could also choose to predict the exact score for each game in the match. Assuming it is a three-game match, you can predict it as 6-1, 6-2, and 7-6. It sounds impossible, but the odds are unbelievably rewarding.


  • The odds are very high
  • Bettors stand to win huge payouts


  • It is inadvisable for new bettors as it may be a bit difficult.

3 Tennis Betting Strategies that Don’t Work

Tennis Betting Strategies

As much as tennis might be a profitable sport, it is also easy to lose if you are on the wrong side as a bettor. Perhaps you have a strategy, but you keep losing; it could be that you are using the wrong one. Here are three strategies that don’t work for tennis, and you should avoid them:

Martingale Strategy

Martingale Strategy lures bettors into a theoretical evaluation of how they can be profitable by doubling up losses. The strategy states that for each loss, you double your stake. It may seem reasonable on paper, you may also find yourself lucky a couple of times, but in the long run, it doesn’t work. Bettors that employ it end up suffering double losses.

Blind Betting

Blind betting is betting on a player you don’t know about; if you are not familiar with a player and the style of play, then don’t wager. Resist the urge to stake on every game. Although betting is a game of luck, blind betting takes it to the extreme. Instead, wait for players you are familiar with and stake with higher probability.

Fibonacci Strategy

The Fibonacci method is another popular theoretical masterpiece that tricks bettors into thinking they can win by doubling their losses with Fibonacci numbers. These strategies may work mathematically, but in the real world, they fail. Avoid it by all means as you stand to lose more money when you run out of luck.

7 Tips to Win Tennis Bets

Tips to Win Tennis Bets

Here are seven tips that you should take note of; following them with a working strategy would make winning easier for you:

  • Whatever you do, please keep it simple
  • Do proper head to head analysis before each match-up
  • Study the court; most tennis players excel more on specific courts 
  • Be certain of the player’s present form before staking on them
  • If you are not sure, play over/under
  • Live betting is effective in tennis
  • Be selective with the players that you bet on


What is the best tennis system?

No tennis betting system surpasses the other. Study yourself and know what works for you, then you will win more.

How to bet on tennis and always win?

Betting is a game of probability, and you won’t win 100% of the time. Choose a good strategy, stake responsibly, and you will be profitable in the long r

What is the safest betting strategy?

If you want something safe and with lower risk, then try live betting or over/under. Live betting helps you to be sure before you stake. Over/under is safe because y

Where to bet on tennis?

You can bet on tennis in online bookies. Make sure you bet on a licensed and regulated platform to be safe.

Final Thoughts

Tennis betting remains one of the easiest because it is not a team sport. However, to make it count, you have to employ the right strategies. By now, you should know the strategies that would reward you and the ones that you should avoid. Above all, stake responsibility with proper risk management because betting is a game of probabilities, then you will find yourself consistently winning.