Powerbets review: 8th place in the ranking of the best betting sites

Powerbets are one of the newer bookies on the market but have among the best odds on all major sports. They have an incredible multi-bet odds booster that can give you as much as 125% on top of your original winnings.
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On my initial entry to the Powerbets site I was impressed with the easy registration process which took under two minutes to complete. The biggest disappointment was that they only have two promotions on their site but the user interface of their main site and mobile version is excellent. As Powerbets are a fairly new betting site we will give them a chance to enhance their reputation and as soon as anything changes on the site we will let our readers know immediately.

Indran Naidoo
Main author/editor

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Streamlined registration process
  • Variety of Sports covered
  • Super fast withdrawals
  • No Mobile App
  • No welcome bonus

Powerbets reviews

Powerbets are amongst the newer bookies to join the South African betting scene.      

They have designed a betting site that is excellent and can rival any of the more established online betting sites in terms of their design and speed of site. The site has all the hallmarks to make it one of the best sites in the country and we will be highlighting all the benefits to you in this review. 


Key Features:

  • Excellent Speed and usability
  • Great odds booster on Multi Bets
  • Live in Play betting
  • Thousands of betting markets available daily

Bookmaker Licence and Reliability 

Powerbets are licenced in South Africa by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board, License no.10181847-004.

You can be assured that you are dealing with a registered betting site that is legal and all your personal information is safe.

Powerbets have built a solid reputation in a short space of time and there are no complaints about them which is great news for punters looking to join them.

3 / 5
Our Opinion About Powerbets Offers

Powerbets are new to the betting scene and they will need to improve their betting offers if they are to compete with the other online bookie.

They do however offer a great odds booster on their multiple bets. This offer is available on all sports bets and not only football.

If you fancy betting on live casino games then Power bets have some great offers for you.

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Live and betting options at Powebet

There are hundreds of different betting options available at Powerbet for a plethora of different sports but one of the most popular betting changes in recent years has been the introduction of Live betting.

We will take a closer look at Live Betting’s at Power bets.

Live betting


Live betting is the latest and greatest when it comes to advancements in sports betting. Live betting offers players the ultimate experience in entertainment, betting flexibility, and money making opportunities.

We have all heard before that Live betting has revolutionised the betting world and Power bets have not missed a beat by offering a full range of betting options. They have a Live Match Tracker on all matches that have live betting available. 

Football betting


To say that punters are spoilt for choice with football betting at Powerbets is a huge understatement as there are well over a thousand football markets available on a daily basis. They have all the leagues, both major and minor leagues from around the world that yоu can bet on.

They are also the only bookie that has a neat feature when you choose their football betting option. All the different countries’ leagues automatically pop up immediately after you click on football betting.

You no longer have to go searching for your favourite league as it is readily available. Powerbets have decent football odds that are market related so yоu are never short changed in your bets. 

Cricket betting


The cricket betting markets at Powerbets will bowl you over with their coverage from test matches to Twenty20 and everything in between. They offer great cricket betting odds on all formats with pre-match, live betting and outright options.

Live cricket betting lets you bet on all kinds of match events like which batsmen at the crease will be dismissed next or how many runs will be scored off the next ball, when there will be a boundary and so much more.

All international test matches and T20 leagues like the Indian Premier League, Big Bash league and Vitality Blast are extensively covered. Every format from every corner of the globe is available at Powerbets

Rugby betting


To be a successful online betting site in South Africa, the bookie must have extensive rugby betting coverage as South Africans love the oval ball game. Powerbets certainly recognized this as they have rugby leagues and test matches from around the world well covered.

There are literally hundreds of bets available on a single rugby match. There is also live betting for punters on all the local rugby competitions like the Currie Cup. The international rugby tournaments like Super Rugby and the United Rugby Championships are extensively covered.

Handicap betting is very popular in rugby with many games featuring mismatched teams, the range of handicap options at Powerbets for rugby matches is highly impressive. 

Horse Racing


Online sports betting is a fairly new concept to South Africans as it has only been in existence for the last 15 years. Prior to this the only legal form of betting was horse racing and there are a huge number of punters that still love horse racing up to now. There are lots of reasons to bet on horses online with Powerbets. 

Placing bets from your mobile phone or computer is more convenient, fast and simple for your horse race gambling. On top of that, it’s easier to shop around for the best odds and very competitive odds on all sports. Powerbets have great odds and the biggest race meetings from around the globe are well covered.

They are one of the leading bookies when it comes to in depth markets with regards to the various race meetings in the country. Events like the Durban July have promotions like bonuses on all deposits on the race day.

Tennis betting


Tennis betting is only second to football in the number of matches to bet on every day. Powerbets have hundreds of betting markets available for punters so you can bet on tennis from every corner of the globe.

The Men’s ATP tour and the Women’s WTA Tour are extensively covered and there are great odds and in depth markets for all these matches. You can choose from a drop down menu which tournament you want to bet on and also which country the particular tennis competition is being played in.

One of the most exciting additions to tennis betting is the Live Betting and this type of bet is available on selected matches. All the major matches in the Grand Slam have this betting option open for punters.  You are never far from the action with Powerbets Live Match tracker where you can follow the ball by ball action. 

5 / 5
Our Opinion About Powerbet Odds

One of the major deciding factors, when players are looking for a new bookie, is the odds that they offer.

Powerbets have excellent odds and can rival any other bookie with their superb odds.

Their football odds are especially great and since football is the most popular sport, this is a great incentive for you to join Power bets.

Registration in Powerbet

  1. Go to your browser, on the browser address bar type www.powerbets.co.za and press ‘Enter’ for  the home page to open.
  2. Join(Registration) – Once the Home page opens you go to right hand side corner and click on the ‘JOIN’ button,
  3. Create an Account – On the home page It will take you to a pop up window (Create an Account) which will ask for your phone number, you will type the number, it should start with ‘+27’ and then the mobile number
  4. Send Code – after putting the number press the Send Codebutton. You will receive a six-digit code on the mobile number that you have provided. You can type the OTP and it will take you to the next level of registration.
  5. Personal Details – This screen will ask you for personal information.’Name’ You will fill your details under First Name, Middle Name, Last Name
  6. Email Address -you will put your personal email address ‘Password’- Next step after the email address is to choose a password and in the next section it will ask you to confirm the same password.
  7. Terms & Condition -You will check the check box confirming that you have read the Terms & Conditions and the submit button will become active.
  8. Submit – After filling all the details you click on the submit button and finish button and finish the process. 

Once the registration is complete on the Powerbets site, you ready to Log In and these are the easy steps to follow:

  1. Log In – Log onto the Powerbets site
  2. Click Login Button – This button can be found on the top right of the home page.
  3. Email and Password – You will now be prompted to enter your personal details
  4. Login Button– Once you enter your details click on the RED Login Button


The undoubted biggest attraction for punters when they choose a new bookie is the Welcome bonus and unfortunately Powerbets do not have one at the moment. These are some of the other promotions that are being offered by this bookie:

Multi Bet Bonus

Multi Bet Bonus Powerbet

Betting on multiple events will give you multiple bonuses depending on the amount of events booked. Powerbets offer you complete transparency by showing you exactly how your bonuses are calculated.To get the bonus, all you need to do is add the events to your bet slip and the bonus will be calculated accordingly.

When calculating the bonus, please note that any odd less than 1.35 (7/14) is not taken into consideration. The automatically calculated bonus amount is included in the bet potential winnings amount, and is not separate. It is quite simply a matter of more selections equals a higher bonus on your multi bet. 

Rapid Spin and Win

Rapid Spin&Win Powerbet

This is a new variant of the classic Roulette casino game. You can win Max winnings on Spin and Win of R10 000 per spin. In the event your winnings exceed this amount you will be manually journaled. The type of Roulette is different to other forms of the game as you can take French bets which mean that popular bets like Orphans and Neighbours are also available. The Roulette wheel is spun every 30 seconds therefore you can win a lot of money in a very short space of time.

2 / 5
Our Opinion About Powerbets Mobile

Powerbets are one of the only bookies in the country that does not reward new players with a bonus.

The sooner that they change this the better.

The Welcome Bonus is the single biggest attraction for new players to a site.

They currently only have an Odds Booster bonus offer on their site while there is also a casino offer for the casino punters.

Powerbets mobile apps

Excellent mobile version

Powerbets have joined a growing number of local bookies who do not have a mobile betting or who have discontinued their mobile apps.

There is no need to be concerned as they have an excellent mobile version that is a replica of the main site so you never miss a beat.  The mobile version is easy to use and has great speed which makes it perfect for live casino games and live sports betting.

The Powerbets mobile version is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and best of all there is no downloading needed as this version works on your browser and does not take up any space on your mobile.

4 / 5
Our Opinion About Powerbets Mobile

Powerbets has joined the growing number of local online betting sites by not offering a dedicated mobile app.

There is no need to worry as they have a state-of-the-art mobile version that is simply amazing.

The usability and speed are excellent which makes it perfect for live betting.

The mobile version is compatible with both Android and iOS devices



Once you are ready to deposit funds, it is important to note that there are different waiting times for your deposit to reflect in your betting account. The minimum amount that you can deposit is R10 through the voucher method.These are the easy to follow steps to deposit funds into your account: 

  • Transactions – On the home screen on the top right side you can see your (Name) click on that to see further options one of which is Transaction, click on that.
  • Deposit – On this screen you will see two options on top of the screen ‘deposit’ & ‘withdrawals’ and also on the left side of the screen. Click on the deposit button on the left side of the page.
  • Payment method – There are various deposit options, choose your favoured method. 


Power Bets have a multitude of deposit methods available and we have mentioned a few of these options below.

  • Credit Card – Visa or Mastercard, once you select this option then you must enter the amount that you want to deposit and click on submit, it will show you this message on the screen “Generating deposit request” and will open the credit card detail pop up screen. On this screen you will put your name, surname, card number, expiry month-year and the CVV number and submit.This method takes between 24 to 48 hours to reflect in your account. 
  • 1 Voucher – The second option on deposit request is ‘1 Voucher’ choose this option and then click on submit button, it will show you this message on the screen “Generating deposit request” and will open the ‘one voucher pop up screen here you need to put ‘Voucher Code’ and your mobile number and click the ‘submit button’. This method instantly reflects in your account
  • OTT Voucher – The third option on deposit request is ‘OTT Voucher’ choose this option and then click on submit button, it will show you this message on the screen “Generating deposit request” and will open the ‘one voucher pop up screen here you need to put ‘Voucher Code’ and your mobile number and click the ‘submit button’.This method instantly reflects in your account
  • Instant EFT – The fourth option on deposit request is ‘Instant EFT’ choose this option, put the deposit amount and then click on submit button, it will show you this message on the screen “Generating deposit request” and will give you a list of a few south African banks, choose your bank of choice, then the login page of the chosen bank appears. You can put your ID and password and finish the transaction process.This method instantly reflects in your account
  • OZOW – 0Z0W Instant EFT- Once you click on this option; a small pop screen will open which will give you the option of deposit amount, you enter the desired amount and, it will show you this message on the screen “Generating deposit request” and will give you a list of a few South African banks, choose your bank of choice, then the login page of the chosen bank appears. You can put your ID and password and finish the transaction process. This method instantly reflects in your account.


The most fun part of gambling is when you win and getting the cash in hand is an awesome feeling. Powerbets allows withdrawals from as low as a R100 but that depends on which method you use. They have the following options for withdrawals, Instant Cash, EFT and Credit Card. Instant Cash is the fastest method and takes under a few hours which is fantastic. The EFT and Credit Card methods take up to 24 hours. Here is the process to follow to make a withdrawal: 

  1. Login – Login into your Powerbets account 
  2. Transactions – On the home screen on the top right side you can see your (Name) click on that to see further options one of which is Transaction, click on that.
  3. Withdraw – On this screen you will see two options on top of the screen ‘deposit’ & ‘withdrawals’ and also on the left side of the screen. Click on the withdraw button on the left side of the page.
  4. Payment method – There are various withdrawal options, choose your favoured method. 
5 / 5
Our Opinion About PowerBet Payments

Powerbets have all the popular payment methods on their site but do lack a few of the newer Instant banking options.

Once a deposit is made you then need to contact Powerbets before your account is credited.

It is important to note the length of time it takes for the different payment methods to reflect in your account therefore the Voucher method is best as it is instant.

Website Usability

The Powerbets site comes with a design that appeals to all sorts of people, along with accessible features that are easy for punters to locate and use. The site is attractive to any new player but it is their easy to use functionality that really stands out. 

The organisation and placement of essential features, the ease of accessing key features and tools are all available on the home page. All these factors can significantly enhance your betting experience, which is why we rate Powerbets so highly in terms of their usability.

Placing a bet at this bookie is one of the easiest tasks for any player regardless if you are an experienced player or gambling newbie. The speed of the main site and the mobile version means that even live betting is more fun as the speed of the Powerbets site enables you to keep up with the rapidly changing odds.

Powerbet South Africa customer suрроrt

Powerbet South Africa customer suрроrt

This is certainly an area that we feel Powerbets can improve on as they have only two communication channels through which they can be contacted. These are through a WhatsApp number (+27 72 258 2728) and an email address (QUERY@POWERBETS.CO.ZA).

Both of these options are only available through limited hours which is really frustrating. We contacted Powerbets through their WhatsApp line and it was a nightmare experience as my query was only replied to the next day.

They did however apologise saying they had technical difficulties. When we made contact on a separate occasion the service was much better but still not very efficient. Powerbets does not have a FAQ page but they do have a comprehensive Terms and Conditions page that could answer most of your questions and queries.  

3 / 5
Our Opinion About Powerbets Support

Sports betting and even Casino games are a 24/7 business and customer support should be available at all times but unfortunately, this is not the situation at Power bets.

They have limited hours for their customer support and strangely do not have telephonic support.

You can contact them only through WhatsApp and Email.


Yes Powerbets are legal and they are licenced by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board, License no.10181847-004

It is safe to bet at Powerbets as they are legal and all your personal information is protected by encryption software and firewalls

Go to the Transactions Tab and click on Deposits to get their account number.

Simply visit the Powerbets site and complete the simple registration form. Once you register, you can fund your account and start betting.

Conclusion about Bookmaker

As was mentioned earlier in the review we are unbiased and honest in our reviews. Powerebets has many positives like having an exceptional website and their mobile version is also superb. The layout and design of the Powerbets site is creative and makes betting an absolute pleasure.

They have an extensive range of sports to bet on and also there is a wide range of casino games available for those punters that fancy a wager on these games.

The list of sports is handily placed on the home page and all other offerings are also on the home page. The registration process is among the easiest and simplest on the local betting scene. There are however two areas of concern as there are very few promotions on offer at Powerbets and their customer support is not the best around.

Once these minor concerns are addressed, Powerbets can compete with any other bookie although we will recommend them to any new player as their odds are excellent. 

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