How to Bet on Rugby

Rugby is one of the most popular sports in South Africa among bettors and spectators. Punters in SA love this sport because it is fast-paced and highly profitable. This sport suits almost any betting style, so whether you are an in-play bettor or like to take it slower, you’d love it!

We are here to show you how you can make the most of this popular sport in South Africa. Are you ready for an eye-opening experience? Let’s get into it immediately.

Top 7 Rugby Sites in South Africa

We’ll start from the rugby betting sites. Your bookie is the most fundamental, and you can’t place wagers without them. Such a reason is why you have to go for the best to get the best possible service.

    • Playabets offers an app for Android and iOS
    • Excellent Welcome bonus
    • User friendly website
    • Easy navigation on desktop and mobile
    • Great customer service

    Bonus: 1st deposit bonus up to R1000

    • Functional mobile app
    • Fast payout times
    • User-friendly website
    • Regular promotional offers

    Bonus: R30 no deposit bonus

    • Live streaming on selected matches
    • wide variety of betting options
    • Multiple secure deposit methods
    • Low wagering requirements
    • User-friendly betting platform

    Bonus: 1st deposit Bonus up to R1 000

    • Referral bonus
    • Live lucky numbers draws 24/7
    • Sleek design and user-friendly interface website
    • Fair number of bonuses and promotions
    • There are casinos, sports betting, lotteries

    Bonus: 1st deposit bonus up to R3000

    • Largest welcome bonus
    • best odds on football, multi payout methods
    • WSB has an easy-to-use bet slip for players
    • 24/7 customer service

    Bonus: 100% bonus up to R10 000

    • Great promotions and features
    • Mobile app for Android devices
    • Super fast payout times
    • Live match tracker

    Bonus: 1st deposit bonus up to R1 000

    • Excellcent promotions
    • Wide range of sports and casino game available
    • Easy wagering requirements for the bonus
    • The sportsbook has a Lucky Numbers option
    • Sunbet has an optimised mobile version

    Bonus: 100% Bonus up to R1 000

Let’s look at the best seven:

Rugby Betting In Playabets

Although Playabets goes way back to 1990, it didn’t have an online presence until 2014. However, since the brand already has a good reputation on a retail scale, it did not have any problems settling into the online space.

This brand stands at the top of our list because of the quality of service. Playabets gives good reception to all new sign-ups and old customers. If you register to play rugby bets, you could benefit from their 100% match deposit bonus with a reward of up to R1000.

You don’t need any professional to tell you that Playabets offers one of the best betting markets. They offer over 30 sports, and if you are an in-play punter, you’d love this platform. In one month, you get up to 12,000 live betting options.

Their odds are equally competitive for regular events; However, for top leagues and special events, you will get higher and more profitable odds exclusive to only Playabets.

What makes this bookie stand out, and why does it seem ahead of the others? There are so many reasons, and the summary of it all is that they are truly in the best interest of players.

You get exclusive live betting with a functional cash-out feature; Playabets’ welcome bonus is great with simple requirements and has great loyalty programs and promotions for existing customers.

Rugby Betting In Betcoza is a South African-based bookie that has spread its wings to other parts of the world. The brand is well-known for its simplified processes and simple interface. It has a valid operating license from the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board.

If you want some premium rugby betting, then is certainly one to check. You will receive a warm welcome of a 100% deposit bonus of R1000. You will also constantly get promotions and programs on several rugby events and competitions. is a typical bookie that we tag as a jack-of-all-trades. They touch arguably all the sports in the South African betting market. Of course, soccer is their most famous market, but rugby is not far behind.

This sportsbook provides premium betting options in several varieties. The possibility of you running out of options is next to impossible. The odds are eye-catching, and they guarantee you huge profits when you win. You could increase your winnings with their bet boost feature too.

This brand offers a little of almost anything you could think of in a bookie. Betcoza hasn’t a mobile app, but has great mobile version for both iOS and Android platforms. The payment options are massive, and the website’s user interface is relatively easy to navigate.

The brand also has amazing customer service, especially with the live chat. With every promotion and bonus this brand offers, the wagering requirements are easy to meet. This bookie aims to make a difference.

Rugby Betting In Yesplay


Yesplay is a well-known South African bookie that comes to players with great simplicity. Everything from the website interface to the promotions, betting markets, and services show that it has players’ best interests in mind.

With Yesplay, you can bet on various sports and leagues and enjoy in-play betting. In addition, it is one of the few brands that offer exclusive esports betting in South Africa.

Yesplay has some of the best markets, especially when it comes to soccer. Rugby is also available with amazing live betting options. It has especially good coverage of EPL with over a hundred markets for the competition.

The odds are reliable compared to other bookies; they are very competitive. If you think the in-play betting odds are great, you should also check out the pre-match odds. They will blow your mind.

For Yesplay to make our list, you’d know that they have enough features to keep players excited. Apart from their 100% deposit bonus, they have special odds on some tournaments and events. You also get some extra commission when you refer your friends.

The brand website is very simple and responsive; a new player would know the hang of things in no time. Overall, Yesplay offers bonuses and all the basic things you need in a bookmaker.

Rugby Betting In Topbet


Topbet is a highly underrated bookmaker in South Africa. Contrary to popular opinion, their services are great, and any player who capitalizes on them would earn some good profit.

They started as a retail bookie with a valid Gauteng Gambling Board license, and now, their online presence is increasing.

Betting on a sport like rugby in Topbet will be a good experience alongside the other variety of sports on the platform. They also offer horse racing with some of the best live odds.

Topbet market ranges between sports like rugby, soccer, cricket, horse racing, and others. They don’t offer the widest markets, but the available ones are the best anyone could ask for. The odds are friendly for players and competitive in the South African sports betting market.

If you want something that will help you wager, you should consider using their mobile website. Their promotions and offers are dynamic and vary at different times. It is up to you to cash in on their offers.

Rugby Betting In Gbets

There is no way you will talk about established South African bookies without including Gbets. It has a valid license from the Western Cape Gambling Board and has successfully made its way into the heart of punters.

The site alone is very welcoming with its simple and colorful interface and several features like multiview mode. In addition, Gbets is also generous with bonuses and promotions of various kinds.

If you have ever wondered if you can bet on super rugby on this website, the answer is yes! They offer a wide variety of sporting events with very competitive odds in the South African market. In the Premier League alone, you will get up to 330 markets.

Their odds are certainly one of the best in the South African markets, and you will make nice profits on winning bets.

Gbets is fully staked to the top with lots of features. For example, they offer partial cash out on live matches, so if it seems like one team may ruin your bet, you take your partial profits. You will also find multiview features that monitor several bets at once.

If you would love to get notifications when you win, Gbets offers SMS notifications to suit your preference. The registration is seamless, and you are only one step away from joining them.

Rugby Betting In Sunbet


Sunbet is well-known and popular with punters in South Africa for numerous reasons. From their welcome page, you can already feel their website’s smoothness. Apart from the bonuses and promotions, Sunbet has special rewards for lovers of Rugby.

In some Rugby matches, you get a 50% refund if you lose. If you specialize only in rugby betting, look no farther than Sunbet. They are big investors in the sector and sponsor the Sharks rugby team.

This brand has a surprisingly wide market that you can bet on. Besides rugby, you can stake in other sports like soccer, tennis, basketball, esports, and horse racing. Their odds are equally competitive and very rewarding for each sport.

You will also get exclusive betting options like action bet, which allows you to stake on random events in matches like fouls.

Sunbet has one of the best loyalty programs in the South African markets. If you are in the program, you will get special points as you wager more. These points allow you to explore more features on their website.

You also get other great features like cash out, live betting, and many more.

Rugby Betting In WSB (World Sports Betting)

World Sports Betting

World Sports Betting, popularly known as the people’s bookie, is a brand that has a very strong presence in the South African markets. They started as retail back in 2002; their reputation with offline customers made their entry into the online space powerful.

This brand is the people’s bookie for so many reasons. Their services are over the edge, and they go the extra mile to satisfy the gambling needs of players. Their reputation is unwavering as they sponsor several competitions and brands.

Their markets are wide, and apart from rugby, you can bet on other sports like soccer, tennis, volleyball, winter specials, hockey, and many more. As a result, their odds are one of the best in the markets, and you can bank on good profits.

WSB has numerous promotions for both new and old players. They also have exclusive rugby offers that double your winnings if your opening bet wins.

You will also enjoy fast payment methods and a functional betting site, both on mobile and desktop.

How to Bet on Rugby in South Africa

Knowing how rugby works is different from betting on it. Watching rugby regularly does not automatically turn you into a very good bettor. It plays an important role, but there is more to betting. Let’s review how to stake on rugby in some bookies.

How to Bet on Rugby in HollywoodBets

Hollywoodbets is another prestigious bookie in South Africa that goes as far back as 2000. Their website is welcoming, and you can wager on several rugby competitions. Let’s review how to place your rugby wagers in this bookie.

  • On the homepage, you will find the login section on the top right, input your details and hit the login button. If you don’t have an account, click ‘Join Us’ and register your details.
Find the login section on the top right
  • Look at the panel on the left corner and choose Rugby when you are signed in. Specify the league and also the match you want to bet on.
Look at the panel on the left corner and choose Rugby
  • When selecting the match, look on the right panel and specify the betting option and amount you want to wager. Then, click on ‘Book this bet’ and submit.
Look on the right panel and specify the betting option

How to Bet on Rugby in Betway

Betway is another popular bookie that offers rugby to players. Their website interface is quite easy to figure out; check out the steps below to learn how you can place your rugby wagers in Betway.

  • On the betway homepage, you will find the sports on the upper panel. Choose rugby in the available options.
Find the sports on the upper panel
  • After choosing rugby, you will find the list of available rugby events; here, you can choose the matches you want to bet on.
Find the list of available rugby events
  • After selecting the match, the next menu allows you to specify your betting option. After choosing your prediction and the amount you want to stake, on the right pane, click bet now.
The next menu allows you to specify your betting option

How to Bet on Rugby in Supabets

Supabets is another popular bookie for rugby. South African players may have one or two problems trying to place bets on this site. Let’s review it step by step:

  • On the home page, navigate to the right-hand corner and select ‘login’ to get access to your account. If you are new to the site, use the ‘sign-up button.
Navigate to the right-hand corner and select 'login'
  • After signing into your account, navigate till you find rugby on the left pane and select the event you want to place your bets on.
Navigate till you find rugby on the left pane and select t
  • After selecting the event and the match, specify the amount and betting option you want on the right-hand panel. Then click continue and confirm your bet.
Betting option you want on the right-hand panel

How to Choose the Best Betting Site to Bet on Rugby

There are numerous online bookies in South Africa, and choosing could be difficult, especially for new punters. You must factor in numerous considerations to avoid scams and rip-offs.

We will outline what you should look out for; they will guide you in choosing the best betting site for rugby.

Odds and Betting Options

Any punter would know that odds are the main determinants of how much you profit. So before settling for any site, check their odds on rugby matches and make sure it is good for you. The odds have to be competitive and above average.

Also, ensure that they have enough coverage of several rugby events and tournaments. You would want a site accommodating betting on rugby world cup and other similar tournaments.

License and Regulation

License and regulation are a big deal in South Africa. When opting for a bookie, you need to find one that has a valid license from a reputable body.

Most bookmakers need approval from the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board to run legally in the country.

If you use an unlicensed bookie, you do so at your own risk. If they were to stop operations without paying out, there would be nobody to hold them accountable.

Payment Methods

There are numerous payout methods in SA, ranging from banks to e-wallets, card payments, etc. One sportsbook cannot have all the payment options, but the best sites have substantial amounts.

You should be able to access a wide variety of payment methods. Also, ensure that the options are legit and reputable.

Safety and Security

Safety and security go beyond having a valid betting license. A betting site should have strong security encryption to keep away prying eyes.

You should not ignore this factor because your betting site has some of your personal information. To keep your details and banking information safe, there has to be a strong encryption and firewall system.

Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions are important when looking for the best rugby betting sites. There have to be good offers for both new and existing customers.

Most bookies concentrate on only new players, which isn’t fair. Old loyal customers should have promotions and programs for themselves from time to time too.

Popular Leagues, Tournaments, and Events

Now you know how to bet on rugby and select the good bookies, it will also be nice to know the popular leagues. This would help you to anticipate events that have the best odds.

Rugby World Cup

Rugby World Cup is a prestigious tournament that features up to twenty international teams. Since it takes place every four years, the hype is usually much, and the odds are greatly rewarding so betting rugby world cup is worth it. It is one event that punters greatly anticipate.

Champions Cup

The Championship Cup is an annual event held by several clubs. This event is greatly hyped by bookies and bettors who await it every year. As a result, there will be better odds and promotions to favor players staking on it.

Challenge Cup

The challenge cup is also an annual event from European Professional Club Rugby. This competition may not take place on the grandest stage, but it is one to look out for.

Best Rugby Betting Systems That Works

Your rugby betting strategies greatly dictate your profitability in the industry. Even if you have the best bookie in the world, with the wrong strategy, it is futile. Here are some of the best rugby betting systems that work, even to bet on rugby world cup:

Totals Betting

This system relies on the total number of goals in a game. So, for a game like rugby, you aim to predict a range of total score that the match would end. You don’t have to get it accurately; a rough idea is enough.

So you select a particular number and predict whether the total of the two team’s goals will be over or under that number.

Action Bets

Action bets involve betting on events that are not the direct outcome of the game. The good thing is that it is not about predicting the winner of the game. A good example of an action rugby  bet is predicting the number of fouls in a game. There are many more action events you can bet on in a rugby game.

Rugby Betting Strategies That Don’t Work

There are also strategies that you should avoid by all means. They may look reasonable, but they don’t work and only contribute to huge losses. Let’s look at some:


Martingale’s strategy suggests that you should stake times two of that amount for each loss you take on your next wager. It is best to avoid this strategy when betting on rugby because it would only allow you to lose more.

Fibonacci System

Fibonacci involves using complex mathematical calculations to predict events. In rugby, it doesn’t work; avoid it by all means. It is unnecessarily ambiguous and inefficient.

Tips To Win Rugby Bets

You have all you need, but these rugby betting tips would still go a long way in increasing your winning probability.

  • Always consider a team’s form before backing them.
  • Consider home advantage as the favorites don’t always win
  • Always do extra research to know if there are injuries or hindering factors
  • Don’t restrict yourself to predicting match winners only. Diversify your bets.


Is Rugby Betting Legal?

Yes, sports betting rugby is legal. So far, you place all your bets in a licensed bookie; it is legal.

Do I have to pass FICA to Bet in a Betting Company?

To have full access to their services, you need to pass FICA. Without validating your FICA, you may not be able to withdraw your profits.

How to bet On a Rugby Match?

Simply log into your bookie account and select the rugby match. Then, specify the betting amount you wish to stake and confirm your bet.

How to win in rugby betting?

Before betting super rugby, you need to have a good knowledge of the sport first. Then employ a profitable strategy to win consistently.

Final Thoughts

Rugby is one of the most popular sports in South Africa, and smart players are capitalizing by betting on the sport. We provided all you could need to kickstart your online rugby betting career. The ball is in your court now; there is no time to waste. Select a good bookie, sign up and start betting immediately.