How to bet on boxing in South Africa

South Africa has a rich tradition of producing excellent boxers so there is a huge following for boxing in the country and to add further excitement to the sport there are betting markets available on boxing matches both on local and international fights.

The great news for boxing punters is that fights take place throughout the year and unlike some sports that are seasonal.

Top boxing betting sites in South Africa

Betting on boxing was traditionally very straight forward with three options namely either boxer winning the match or the fight ending in a draw.

Boxing betting has come a long way since then with various other betting options for punters and so has the competition with the bookies to attract boxing punters.

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We have found the following seven betting sites and good betting apps as the best for betting on boxing in South Africa. 

Boxing Betting at World Sports Betting

World Betting Sports have an extensive range of betting markets for punters and they cover both the professional and amateur boxing circuits.

There is live betting on selected fights and the odds booster is also available on multi bets. 

Boxing Betting at Playabets

Boxing betting at Playabets online is well covered especially for the title fights. There are wide ranging markets for the major fights and they also offer an odds booster for any boxing multiple bets.

Boxing Betting at Sunbet

Sunbetting has an extra special affinity to boxing as their parent company Sun International has hosted numerous world title fights at their resorts.

They have boxing matches from around the globe covered with excellent odds and markets available.

Boxing Betting at Gbets

Gbets sports betting have burst onto the betting scene and they have not missed a beat by offering boxing markets on both the professional and amateur circuits.

They have separated the two circuits on their site so that makes it easier for punters to find the fights they are looking to bet on. They have the live betting available on the major fights.

Boxing Betting at online has boxing betting markets available well in advance of the fights so punters have ample time to monitor any changes to the odds as the fight date nears.

They also inform punters which matches will have live betting available which is a great little feature. There are odds boosters on all the boxing multi bets.

Boxing Betting at Topbet

Top bet online may be one of the newer bookies on the local market but they also have all international and local boxing matches covered.

Their odds on these fights are competitive and will match any other betting site. 

Boxing Betting at YesPlay

YesPlay does offer boxing betting but their betting markets are limited. The odds only become available on the day of the fight..

How to bet on boxing in South Africa: 3 Examples from Us

Boxing is one of the few sports that can attract attention from far reaching rural areas of South Africa and the suburban areas and this is due to the number of world boxing champions that have come from humble beginnings in this country.

The betting markets at the top bookie sites are reflective of this as amateur boxing also has extensive markets for punters.

The different types of betting options available on each fight has grown substantially over the years which has added to the excitement of boxing betting.

How to bet on boxing in HollywoodBets

Hollywoodbets once again shows their betting expertise even with boxing betting as they have punters well covered with fights form South Africa and overseas all covered.

Betting on boxing at HollywoodBets is super easy and all you need to do is follow these steps.

  1. Log onto HollywoodBets site. Enter your Username and Password on the top left of the page. Once these are entered click on the yellow Log In Button.
  2. Click on the boxing option on the left side of the home page
  3. Choose the fights you want to bet on
  4. Make your selections
  5. Your betslip appears on the right side of the page
  6. Once you make your selections click on the Submit Bet Button

How to bet on boxing in Betway

Betway offers better than market odds on boxing betting and also has the Cash Out feature available on all boxing bets which is great especially if your fighter is struggling and you want to cash in your bet early. Follow these easy steps to bet on boxing at Betway. 

  1. Log onto the Betway site
  2. Click on the boxing option which can be found on the home pages banner.
  3. Select the fights that you want to bet on.
  4. Make your selections
  5. Your betslip appears on the right side of the page
  6. Once your selections are made click on the Bet Now button

How to bet on boxing in Supabets

Supabets have all the major boxing events well covered and their odds can rival any of the other bookies on the market.

They have the odds booster available on all boxing multi bets. To place a boxing bet at Supabets simply follow these easy steps. 

  1. Log onto the Supabets site
  2. Click on the boxing option on the left side of the home page
  3. Choose the fights you want to bet on
  4. Make your selections
  5. Monitor your selection with the betslip on the right
  6. Once you made your selection click on the Confirm Bet button

How to choose the best betting site for boxing betting?

Boxing does not have the number of fights to bet on like football or tennis unless there are big events like the Olympics or Commonwealth Games taking place.

The fewer fights taking place allows punters to carefully compare odds between bookies looking for the best offer.

Boxing multi bets can be lucrative especially if you can predict if the fight will end with a knockout or a unanimous points decision.

Choosing the best bookie for boxing betting is a tricky job but these tips will be very helpful.

  1. The reputation of the site is very important
  2. Check betting sites with bonus in this sport
  3. The odds and markets available on boxing betting
  4. Live betting on boxing betting
  5. Promotions being offered on boxing betting

Boxing certainly is a major drawcard for punters especially when there are title fights taking place.

Boxers like Floyd Mayweather and Tyson Fury create unparalleled hype for their fights and the markets available for these mega fights certainly are reflective of this.

Boxing has its fair share of events that offer punters the opportunities to place a host of multi bets with the Olympics and the Commonwealth games being the flagship events for boxing.

The fact that the boxers are all amateur matters little as the betting options are widespread in these fights. These special events give punters great opportunities to win big.

Major boxing tournaments

The world championship fights are the undoubted pinnacle events for boxers and punters alike. The sheer number of betting options on these fights will be keep punters enthralled.

There are bets like which round will the fight end or will there be a Technical Knockout(TKO). The odds are great on these types of bets.

Local Coverage of boxing

As mentioned earlier South Africa has produced numerous world champions so there are always major fights taking place in the country with all the leading bookies offering betting markets on these fights.

All boxing events within the country have betting markets available.

5 Best Boxing Betting Systems that Work

Having a good boxing betting strategy is underrated, and it could be all you need to start winning. Here are five tested and trusted systems:


Round Betting


Round betting is boxing’s version of over/under bet. Here you are not betting on the winner of the bout, but how long do you think the fight would last.

Professional fights last a maximum of twelve rounds before going into a decision.


There is a probability for an early knockout in a boxing bout between a well-known power puncher and an underdog. If you want to predict that the match won’t last more than seven rounds, you wager under 7. The opposite goes for over.

  • You don’t need to decide the match-winner
  • Higher winning probability
  • The odds may not be so high

Live Betting


Live betting works pretty well in boxing. Also called in-play betting, here you don’t have to make your wagers before the bout begins.

Rather you wait, watch a little part of the fight, then place live wagers when it is in play.


In a bout between two opponents, if a fighter can knock his opponent down before the end of the round; however, he still manages to get back up, then you begin to have suspicions. 

If you see such a fight struggling to keep up with the pace as the round ends, there is a high probability of a knockout in the next round. You can quickly place your live bet anticipating the next round knockout; if it happens, you win.

  • You get to place your wagers with more confidence 
  • Higher winning probability
  • It is a low-risk betting systemLive betting could allow you to bet based on emotions because you are watching it live
  • .

Outright Winner

Here you are wagering on your prediction of the winner of the bout. It is one of the most common boxing betting strategies.

Most times, it is usually the favorite. The favorite has a higher probability of winning, while the underdog has lower chances.


If fighter A is the favorite with -300 odd, and B is the underdog with +250 odds. The favorites’ odds always carry the negative sign. In this case, the odds translate to a bet of the favorite means you wager $300 to win $100; wagering on the underdog means you stake $100 to win $250. The favorite isn’t always the winner, so if you feel that the underdog has a higher chance of winning, then give it a shot.

  • It is very easy for newbies to understand
  • Betting on the favorite gives a high winning chance.
  • Betting on the favorite has slightly lower odds

Method of Win

There are three possible ways a boxing bout could end; by decision, stoppage, or a draw. Bettors can bet on any of the three outcomes, depending on the one with higher probability.


If fighter A is a very hard puncher with knockout power, while fighter B is out-classed, the likelihood of the bout ending by stoppage due to knockout is high.

In that case, you bet that fighter A wins by knockout; if it happens, you win the bet.

  • It is suitable if you are very sure of your decision
  • Due to the precision in the bet, the odds are higher
  • It may be a bit difficult if the two fighters are equally matched



Parlay is betting on more than one boxing bout in the same ticket.

Perhaps you want to stake the same amount of money on a fight night; you can bet on more than one fight.The odds of each fight add up for you if you win.


On a fight night where more than one fight is taking place, it is a parlay bet if you want to bet on three fights on the same ticket.

Perhaps you are rooting for the favorite in each bout; you stake it on the same ticket. If they all win, you win your bet.

  • The odds are higher since they add up for each fight.
  • Punters win bigger with parlays
  • It may be a bit difficult for newbies to play parlays

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3 Boxing Strategies that Don’t Work


Not having a strategy could make you lose money; having a flawed strategy could also make you lose more money. Here are three boxing betting systems you should avoid in boxing:

Martingale Strategy

Martingale is a strategy that theoretically proves that you can win more by doubling your stake each time you lose. If you use it, you stand a chance to lose more; avoid it by all means.

Underdog betting

Boxing is a game of individual skills and not a team sport; the underdog boxing betting system doesn’t work most of the time.

Except you see a very high probability of the underdog winning, it is best to steer clear of this strategy.

Betting On your Best Boxer

Punters make the mistake of betting on their favorite and not the bout’s favorite.

The game doesn’t favor emotions, be realistic; if you think your best boxer will lose, don’t hesitate to bet against such a fighter.

7 Tips to Win Hockey Bets

  • Don’t bet on every fight night
  • Do statistical research before betting
  • Consider the weight class too
  • Understand the game of boxing first
  • Take advantage of live betting
  • Do away with emotions
  • Consider the fighting styles

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What is the best boxing system?

There is no superior boxing betting system. Master your strategy and use it to your advantage.

How to bet on boxing and always win?

Betting is a game of probabilities, so a 100% win is not guaranteed. Have a strategy, manage your risk properly, and you will win in the long run.

What is the safest boxing betting strategy?

Live betting is a safer and low-risk strategy. Wait for the match to begin, then you will make better decisions.

Where to bet on boxing?

You can bet on boxing in an online bookie. Go for licensed and regulated betting sites to keep your money safe.

Final Thoughts

Boxing is one of the best sports you can wager on; the sport is also interesting to watch. If you want to last in the gambling industry, make you have a working strategy.

Amongst all the best ones, master one strategy that suits you, and you will find yourself on the right track.