How to register on Sunbet and get bonus after FICA

Sunbet is a South African bookie that focuses on sports betting with some other casino games like poker. They have a betting site and mobile app where you can bet on a variety of sports like football, basketball, cricket, and several others including horse racing.

Sunbet Register

Apart from their gambling services, they also offer some bonuses and promotions for both new and old bettors. Before you can partake of any of them, you need to be a member. We provide you with the best guide you need to register on Sunbet.

Alongside the step-by-step guide, you will also find the bonuses offered on this platform and how you can claim them. Let’s get into it.

Step by step guide on how to register at sunbet

To enjoy the benefits and all it has to offer, you have to register on Sunbet first. Contrary to what you might be thinking, the Sunbet sign-up process doesn’t take so long as the seamless betting platform, makes sure of that. To register, you only need to take the few steps below:

  1. Launch your internet browser and ensure you have a good connection.
  2. Enter the website address for sunbet –
  3. On the webpage, click on the “sign up” icon at the top right corner.
click on the “sign up”
  1. After clicking, you should see a page with some spaces for you to fill. This wouldn’t take more than a min or two.
  1. Fill in all details correctly and double-check when you are done.
  1. In the space under promocode, Enter the code – NEWBONUS.
  2. Choose if you’d like to receive SMS or emails about promotions and special offers.
  3. Read and Agree to the terms and conditions.
  4. Click on sign up and you are done!

It would delight you to know that once you are done with your Sunbet registration gives you a welcome bonus of up to R1000.

How to register on a mobile phone

Registering on your mobile phone is almost the same as registering on the website. Now, let’s get to it

  1. Visit the Sunbet website on your mobile’s Internet browser –
  2. Click on the sign-up icon at the top right corner.
Click on the sign-up_mobil
  1. Fill in all your details correctly in the spaces provided.
  1. Select your source of income and communication preferences.
  1. Read and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Click on sign up and that’s all.

Whether you decided to register online using a computer or a mobile phone, you are eligible to get the sunbet welcome bonus of up to R1000.

What do you need for verification on Sunbet- FICA Requirements

To verify your identity on sunbet you’ll need to meet up with FICA requirements which include:

  • Proof of identification

You could use a South African Identity document/card, valid South African passport, valid South African driver’s license, or valid passport – Non-SA Citizen

  • Proof of residential address, not older than 3 months, in any of the following formats;

Municipal or utility bill, telephone, cell phone account, or cohabitants declaration, accompanied with a copy of the owner’s ID and utility bill. Any other similar document that Sunbet may accept

What becomes available to users after registration on Sunbet

After registering you become accessible to the variety of betting options and numerous bonuses Sunbet has to offer. Here is a clue of what you would come across.


Of course, the first thing that will be of interest to the bettors are Sunbet’s bonuses. Here are some of them:

First Deposit match bonus

As a new bettor on Sunbet, you are eligible to get a sign-up bonus of up to 100% on your first deposit.

To win this bonus, you’ll need to make a successful deposit bonus and wait for the offer to be sent to you. However, percentages may vary from promotion to promotion.

Deposit and Get a bonus offer

The deposit and get bonus offer is just like it sounds. You deposit not less than the minimum amount of money and you get double.

However, the deposit and get bonus offer is only given to bettors based on the discretion of Sunbet.

So you will have to wait until you’re offered one, so be on the lookout. Also to qualify for withdrawal, sunbet requires you to wager at least the sum of your deposit and its bonus on a minimum of five bets which are at odds of 1.7 and greater

Free bet

Sunbet free bet offers are only valid for existing bettors on sunbet. The free bet offer allows bettors to place a free bet without using real money. If you win, you get your profits without the stake.

While the free bet offers may vary from one bettor to another, there’s nothing too small or too big when it comes to free things.

However, any free bet token offered can only be used at once, it can not be split into stakes for multiple bets.

Profit boost

A profit boost increases the combination of your odds. So you could have a combination of 5 odds and use the profit boost to get a boosted odds of 8. However, max stake and max extra winnings may apply to the use of a particular profit boost.

Also, profit boosts are only available for a limited time and they vary from bettor to bettor based on the discretion of Sunbet.

To get a profit boost, you can simply check your boost on the promotion page and opt-in.

Odds boost

This is only available to existing Sunbet bettors. Odds boost can be used to specify fixed odds for a bet.

For example, if a bet originally has 2 odds, odds boosts can be used to place the bet for 3 odds instead.

However, odds boosts are valid for only a specific event and are restricted by max stake and max extra winnings rules.


After completing your registration, you become accessible to every betting option there is on Sunbet. And everyone knows, that the more the options, the more the opportunity to win big. Here are some of the betting options you would come across:

  • Sports betting
  • Live in-play
  • Casino games and so many more.


If you are having problems using the sunbet betting platform, or you would like to file a complaint, do not hesitate to reach out to sunbet through the contact details below

How to login on sunbet after registration

After registering, you can now log in to your account. Here are the simple steps to help you do that.

  1. Visit the sunbet website
  2. Click on the log in icon at the top right-hand corner
  3. Enter your username and password
  4. Click on login

How to make first deposit

Deposits to your account can be done via card (VISA and Mastercard), Instant EFT, or EFT and must be made from an account or credit card in your name.

To make your deposit follow the steps below:

For credit card

  1. Click on the “deposit” button and enter the amount you wish to deposit
  2. Add a new card by entering the required card details and click on submit
  3. Now you can deposit money into your account via your card by following the onscreen instructions

For instant EFT

  1. Click on the “deposit”button and enter the amount you wish to deposit
  2. Select your preferred Instant EFT option
  3. Select your bank and follow the onscreen instructions       


Now that you know how to register and make your first deposit on sunbet, it is high time you started placing your bets and cashing out those winnings. Remember, the limit to what you can win depends on you and you only.


Do I have to go through the FICA process to get the bonus?

Yes, Sunbet uses the FICA process to verify your identity and complete your registration.

What do I need for sunbet account registration?

To a Sunbet register action, what you need are – Correct personal details, proof of identification, and proof of residence.

Does the bookmaker have a welcome bonus?

Yes, Sunbet offers a welcome bonus of up to R1000 to all new users.

Is Sunbet a legal bookmaker?

Yes, Sunbet is licensed by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing board.