How to withdraw money from Sunbet

You can perform any Sunbet withdrawal as swiftly as you would select games. The bookmaker ensures the entire process is as smooth as any online bettor could imagine. As a result, it provides two highly efficient ways to collect money quickly.

How to withdraw money from Sunbet

After you claim winnings and request a withdrawal, Sunbet offers several payment methods. They are your regular options, well known in the country as trusted services. However, you cannot initiate any withdrawals until you FICA your account.

We will let you know everything you need about Sunbet withdrawals and the attendant methods. You will learn what documents are required to verify your account. With that in mind, let’s begin with the elephant in the room, FICA.

How to FICA Your Account

How to FICA Your Account

We understand the excitement of winning your bets. The feeling is fantastic, but it can sometimes make us forget to do the needful. One crucial thing to do is verify your betting account.

The Financial Intelligence Center Act (FICA) mandates bookmakers to identify their bettors. As a result, Sunbet has a “Know Your Customer” process that you can complete within minutes. It is quick and efficient.

You can get your account verified and cleared with just a few submissions to get a withdrawal. Completing it beforehand shortens the Sunbet withdrawal time, making it as quick as possible. Thankfully, the bookmaker outlines this process in the easiest of ways.

The following are the requirements for Sunbet account verification:

  • Proof of identification:

This document can be your South African identity card, your South African passport, a valid driver’s license, or a valid passport (for non-citizens).

  • Proof of residence:

The document needed could be your utility bill, telephone account, co-habitants declaration, etc. Your co-habitant’s declaration should come with the owner’s ID and utility bill. You can also use a letter from a local councillor or other government documents. 

Once these documents are ready, you can log into your Sunbet account and begin the verification. As mentioned earlier, this verification shortens withdrawal time. You can do it once you register or do it later.

The steps below will guide you in submitting the documents:

  1. Log into your Sunbet account
  2. Select “My Account” and go to your profile.
  3. Select “FICA verification.”
  4. Click “Upload ID/Passport.” The maximum file size is 4 MB, and the file type could be PDF or PNG.
  5. Select the file from the appropriate folder.
  6. Click “Upload Proof of Address” and select the file from the appropriate folder.
  7. Request OTP, enter the password, and click “Submit.”

Withdrawing from Sunbet

Once you complete your FICA verification, nothing stops you from requesting a Sunbet withdrawal. Everything will flow smoothly, provided you have the minimum withdrawal amount.

The following table shows the available withdrawal methods at Sunbet:

Payment OptionPayment TypeWithdrawal TimeMinimum Amount
Electronic Funds TransferOnlineAt least 24 hoursR50
Nedbank Send iMaliBanklessAt least 24 hoursR50
Sunbet apps support all withdrawal methods

Once your request is approved, Sunbet will send you a confirmation email. The rest of the transaction time will depend on your financial institution. That is, how long will it take your bank to process the transaction.

Now that we have that out of the way, we can dig deeper into initiating a withdrawal request. The following section will focus on working with individual methods to collect your money.

How to Withdraw by EFT – Pay Directly to Your Bank

How to Withdraw by EFT

EFT refers to Electronic Fund Transfer, one of the available withdrawal methods at Sunbet. Before we get down to the step-by-step guide, let’s talk briefly about it.

This withdrawal method pays money directly into bank accounts. As such, you must have a valid bank account to use it. The supported banks include ABSA, First National Bank (FNB), Capitec, Standard Bank, and Nedbank.

With that in mind, here is the step-by-step guide to withdrawing using EFT

  1. Log into your Sunbet account
  2. Click on your account button.
  3. Go to withdrawals and fill out the withdrawal request form. This will include details such as your bank account number.
  4. Select the EFT withdrawal method.
  5. Enter the amount of money you want to withdraw.
  6. Select the bank account.
  7. Click “Withdraw.”

Once you complete the process, your request will become a pending withdrawal. Meanwhile, you will also find any other pending withdrawals while initiating a new request.

Regular bank withdrawals could take two to five days, depending on your bank. So, don’t expect any withdrawal to be immediate.All withdrawal requests are processed the following day. Hence, you should be able to cancel the withdrawal before it goes through.

How to Withdraw by Nedbank Send iMali – For Those Without Bank Accounts

How to Withdraw by Nedbank Send iMali

Those without traditional bank accounts need not worry about how they will claim their winnings. This online bookmaker makes their withdrawal process as swift as possible. Nevertheless, it will involve going to the approved points to get the cash physically.

Once you log into your Sunbet account, do the following:

  1. Go to your account section and click withdrawals.
  2. Complete the withdrawal request form and select “Send iMali.”
  3. Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  4. Click “Withdraw.”

This method is available from 6:00 to 18:30 Monday to Friday, and withdrawals made on Saturday and Sunday are processed on Monday. Once approved, you can use any of the following to withdraw:

  • Checkers
  • U$ave
  • OK
  • Nedbank ATM

You must have a valid South African mobile number to use this method. While it involves physical withdrawal, it is still faster than EFT.

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Withdrawal Terms and Conditions

There are things you should be aware of while initiating Sunbet withdrawal requests. First, there is a minimum amount. You cannot withdraw anything less than R50 from your account.

The online bookmaker only processes withdrawals on weekdays. Any request during the weekend will wait until the first working day of the following week. Also, processing does not occur immediately but a day after the request.

Once your request is successful, the bookmaker will instruct its financial institution. The time could range from two to five days. In other words, Sunbet has no control over how long this process could take.

Make sure you don’t have any conflicting banking information. That will delay your payout or lead to an outright cancellation of the request. Also, the bookmaker may deduct any pending debt before funding your bank account.

We encourage you to contact customer support if you encounter any challenges. You can do that by using the live chat feature or ringing the bookmaker’s call center. In addition, there is email, Facebook, and Twitter support.

You can use the FICA support email on the platform if you have verification issues. That should resolve any challenges you have as per withdrawals or verifications.


You can process your Sunbet withdrawal in no time, provided your account is verified. Keep your proof of identity and address documents handy while applying for FICA verification. They could be your national ID and a utility bill.

You can withdraw funds via EFT or Send iMali through Nedbank once your account has been verified. The two methods are efficient, although PayPal or an e-wallet would be more versatile. Nevertheless, the bookmaker only pays money into South African bank accounts.

The ETF payment method is suitable for players with South African bank accounts. It is also the fastest, as it involves bank-to-bank transfers. Still, it could take two to five days to process payments.

Use Send iMali if you have a valid mobile number. Once funded, you can approach an ATM or collection center to receive your cash. The process also involves bank transfers, but you use your mobile number this time. 

Remember, you cannot withdraw anything below R50. Also, the bookmaker does not process withdrawal requests during the weekends. If you initiate any request on Saturday or Sunday, the bookmaker will process  it on Monday. The exception to this is “Send iMali,” which the bookmaker extends processing to Saturdays.



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