Gbets Lucky Numbers: rules and tips for finding ways to win

Lucky numbers is among the most loved betting options on Gbets. It lets you place bets on international lotteries from a wide range of different countries. It’s an ideal tool for South African punters who wish to win big. After all, with lucky numbers, you don’t need to split the winnings with other punters in the betting pool. You keep the entire winning prize for yourself.

In this guide, we explore everything about Gbets lucky numbers, from how to place bets to checking the drawing results, plus tips on how to improve your chances of winning.

How to play lucky numbers on the Gbets site

Playing lucky numbers on Gbets is simple yet rewarding. You won’t be disappointed if you have a knack for placing bets. Here is how to get started:

Time needed: 5 min
  1. 1

    Create a Gbets account or log into your existing one

    You can do this via your mobile or desktop. Once at the site, go to the Lucky numbers section.

    Create a Gbets account or log into your existing one

  2. 2

    Choose a lottery draw

    Gbets lucky numbers lets you bet on an array of international draws, so you get plenty of options to choose from.

    Choose a lottery draw

  3. 3

    Quick pick or manual pick

    You will have two options when betting on G bets lucky numbers – Quick pick or Manual pick.

    • Quick picks – Specify the amount of numbers you wish to predict, and the system will allocate your betting numbers randomly. So, just click on the “Quick” icon, and the numbers will be randomly selected for you.
    • Manual pick – This entails picking the numbers for yourself.

    Quick pick or manual pick

  4. 4

    Place your bet

    Now that your bets are on the bet slip, enter your stake. Then submit your bets and wait for the results.

    Place your bet

How to check the drawing results

Do you want to check the Gbets lunchtime results? Checking the previous results from the draws on Gbets is easy, as you will see from the steps below:
  • Log in to your Gbets account and head to the lucky number section.
  • Click on the results tabs.
  • The most recent results from all draws are listed by date, which is usually the best way to locate the draw results you are looking for.

However, you can also search for results “By Draw ID” or “By Game” depending on what is easiest for you.

You can withdraw your winning easily, provided your account has been FICA verified.

Gbets lucky number jackpots

At Gbets, you can predict the outcome of lotteries in different countries worldwide, with dozens of draws happening daily. Below are some of the popular lucky number draws you can currently find at Gbets:

Draw NameMin. BetJackpot
Euro MillionsR0.50R10 million
USA Mega MillionsR2R15 million
USA PowerballR2R15 million
France LottoR3R10 million
Greece PowerballR3R12.5 million
SA LottoR3.50R15 million
SA PowerballR3R15 million

Available bonuses for playing Gbets lucky numbers

Available bonuses

Bonuses have become a staple for most Bookmakers. Gbets is no different, as it has multiple bonuses for its new and existing customers. But there are two particular bonuses you can use to play lucky numbers.

The first bonus is a no-deposit offer worth R25. The second one is a first deposit match bonus of up to R1000. Remember, these two bonuses are claimed after registration.

Lucky numbers rules

Lucky numbers rules

There are several universal rules players should know when playing lucky numbers. We have listed some of the most common ones below:

  • Lucky number betting results are gotten from real-world lotteries. Most notably, all number wagers are pegged on the numbers resulting from the game selected by the player.
  • All numbers bets for a particular draw should be placed before the draw cutoff.
  • There are two possible outcomes – a win or a loss.
  • All the drawn numbers should match the bet entry and must have resulted correctly for your bet to be considered a win.
  • Lucky number payouts depend wholly on the lottery draw you participated in.
  • All bets that cannot be settled for one reason or another will be voided and refunded.

Tips on how to win Gbets Lucky Numbers

There are several strategies you can employ to help pick your Gbets lottery numbers. From using your favorite numbers to picking the same numbers every time, here are some betting tips for making solid predictions.

Stick to your favorites

Nearly everybody has a number that matters to them. Maybe it’s your birthday, an address, a wedding anniversary, horoscope numbers, or just a number that has proven lucky in your life.

Some people find lottery success when they use these numbers.

Mix up your number selections

Statistically speaking, no set of numbers has a higher likelihood of winning than the other. However, you might try to come up with a combination of numbers when you play the next lottery ticket.

Let the computer system make a quick pick

A big percentage of players have a problem making their picks. Some waste a lot of time, even hours, trying to make a pick. Others love to play the lottery with completely random numbers.

That’s where the Quick Pick features come in handy. Using this feature lets the system automatically pick the numbers. There is actually no method involved; the selected numbers are random.

Consider hot or cold numbers

Another practical method of filling your lottery ticket is to select hot or cold numbers. But what does this mean? Hot numbers are usually those most frequently drawn in a lottery.

On the other hand, cold numbers are the less frequently drawn numbers. What will be your pick?

Go with your gut

Pick whatever lucky numbers that feel right to you at that moment. Allow your impulses to guide you.


Congratulations! You now know how to play and check results for Gbets lucky numbers. You can begin the exciting journey of endless betting possibilities.

Register an account at Gbets today to play your choice of lucky numbers and win big.