How To Make Money From Betting In South Africa

Sports betting is getting popular in South Africa by the day. Several individuals are beginning to embrace sports betting because of its simplicity.

If you are a good sports fan, you will easily understand several sports betting terminologies. Where most individuals run into problems is consistent profitability.

Making substantial money from sports betting in South Africa may be a bit challenging. We are here with some tips that will help you enjoy the profitable side of betting.

What Is Sports Betting And How To Profit From It?

Sports betting revolves around predicting the activities or outcomes of sporting events. You predict these outcomes and place a wager on the possible outcomes. You can bet on almost any sport in online sportsbooks.

The most popular sports with gamblers in South Africa includes football, cricket, and Rugby. Other notable mentions are basketball, tennis, track racing, car racing, horse racing, boxing, and other combat sports.

In betting on these games or sports, one thing is necessary, especially if you hope to profit from their predictions.

To bet on sports, you need a sportsbook. These sports bookies are licensed by gaming authorities and commissions which regulate their activities to ensure their odds and game selections remain random and fair.

A legal sportsbook in South Africa is one that is licensed and regulated by a reputable South African gambling body.

Sports bookies place odds on each prediction, and players are rewarded based on the outcome of their predictions. For instance, in a football prediction of home to win at the end of the game, if the game is placed at 1.31 odds, the predictor of the game is expected to wager a token at his discretion.

If R50 is wagered on this game, the return on the R50 bet would be R65.5. That is a total of R15.5 profit margin.

Top Tips On How To Bet Profitably in South Africa

Knowing it is possible to profit from betting predictions is one thing, and it is another to know how to bet profitably, reducing the possibilities of losses. Here are some helpful tips for betting.

Play at Trustworthy Sportsbooks Only

The importance of this cannot be overemphasised in sports betting. You should only use trusted platforms. Some bookies exist to rip off unsuspecting persons who use their websites.

This is why it is important to use only operators that have proven to be trustworthy over time.

Use trusted casinos and casinos licensed by known South African gaming authorities and commissions only to play easy bets to win money.

Things to Look Out For In a Trustworthy Sportsbook (With Recommendations of the Best in Each Category)

Picking out a favourite sportsbook can be quite difficult, especially for newbies. And the population of scam bookies in South Africa is on the rise. Here are things you should look out for alongside some of the best bookies with these services:

  • Licence: You need a bookie with a valid licence from a recognised SA body. A bookie like ticks all the boxes in this area; they have a valid licence from the Western Cape Gambling & Racing Board which is a well known body in South Africa.
  • Gaming Selections: A casino with a very scanty gaming selection is a suspicious one. If a brand is truly after the welfare of players, then it should give them different varieties. A good bookie that offers wide and deep gaming markets is Sunbet. They not only offer several sports but also a great deal of competitions and tournaments.
  • Good Bonuses: Bonuses are also important as they save you money and also allow you to win more. You should aim for brands that have good bonuses and services for both new and old players. A great site like Playabets offers an awesome deposit bonus where players can win up to R2000.
  • Reputation: Never overlook the reputation that a sportsbook has among South African players. You should consider their year of establishment and also see what players are saying about them. If you look closely at a brand like World Sports Betting (WSB), you will notice the good reputation that they uphold. They have loyal customers from as far back as 2002.
  • Payment Options: The site’s payment options are also important considerations for a reputable sportsbook. Not only should they be options that favour you, but also legit and well-known options. YesPlay is a good example of a bookie with a decent range of payment options that favours South Africans. Players get to use credit cards, Neteller, Skrill, and even South African e-wallets.
  • Friendly interface: You should understand and navigate the interface of the website or mobile app. Problems or difficulties with live betting can backfire on you. Check out our rankings of the Best Betting Apps in South Africa to see which interface is right for you.

Bet On Sports You Know

The best possible predictions would only emerge from things you have a vast range of knowledge about. This is the way it works with sports betting too. Different sports have different keywords, different technicalities, and modes of winning.

The terminologies differ from one sport to another. This means that the knowledge you could have for a game like football would most definitely be useless in predicting a game of hockey or tennis.

Playing bets within the scope of your knowledge gives you a better shot at being right about predictions. If you want to know how to win in betting, this is a point you must hold with high value.

We write about a few of them:

On our website, we have described some of them, 12 to be exact:

  1. Golf
  2. Rugby
  3. Cricket
  4. Soccer
  5. Boxing
  6. Hockey
  7. Baseball
  8. Basketball
  9. Motosport
  10. Horse Racing

In these articles we have described sports betting strategies and their features. In each article you will also find an overview of betting on this sport

Bet Responsibly

Being responsible with your bet and bet limits should be a top priority. It is not enough to predict and expect profit from the wagered amount.

With betting comes the need to caution oneself from crossing the line and investing too much in hopes of cashing out big from these predictions.

Betting responsibly is important to even the bookies, so they advise on their respective websites that users bet wisely. It is not safe to bet with borrowed funds or place bets carelessly because of its odds.

It is advisable to stake only within the confines of a possible outcome. You should stake with as little or as much as would not cause any harm if bets turn out to be losses.

Get The Strategy and Master It

When aiming to profit, you must get the strategy needed and master it appropriately. Having a strategy is how to win sports betting.

There are numerous strategies in sports betting through which players get to beat the bookies. Once you find the one that works for you, stick with it diligently. That way, long term profitability is guaranteed.

Don’t make the mistake of being the master of none. If at all you are going to delve into many strategies, make sure you know at least one very well. That way, you will be able to carefully combine your knowledge and personalise it.

Spend Enough Time For Analysis

In making accurate predictions, you need to make tough decisions that centre around finding the best opportunities in betting odds. Note that the more information one has regarding the game of interest, the better the predictions are.

Knowledge of the recent forms of teams and players, statistics, and head-to-head analysis could be obtained from blogs, sports analysis sites, or other prediction sites.

In doing analysis, the betting languages must be understood and interpreted correctly. It requires people to spend a quality amount of time analysing the best possible and impossible outcomes with juicy odd markings.


Sports betting in South Africa is not so different from that in other parts of the world so it is profitable too. Nonetheless, bettors still lose a handful of their money to these Sportsbooks. Losses are inevitable in sports betting. However, the most important thing is for your wins to overshadow your losses. Having a good strategy would help you.

Yes, it is possible to make a living off sports betting, but it is not advisable. You cannot always win 100% of the time, so betting is better if you use it to support another means of livelihood. Although there are full-time bettors, they have a great capital base to sustain losses.

The most popular and arguably one of the most profitable sports to bet on is football. Rugby and cricket are two other very popular sports in South Africa. If you have a good knowledge of any of the sports, and you have a good strategy, then you will make good money from them.

We cannot provide figures because the amount professional sports bettors make is relative. In sports betting, the higher you stake, the higher you win. It solely depends on your capital base.


Is it possible to make a profit from betting on sports? The answer to this is yes, and the chances of winning are higher when you know your sport and have a good strategy. 

If you are looking for how to win a bet every time, it is not so realistic. Losses will come but a good strategy will keep you in net profit.

Most importantly, bet responsibly! It is what distinguishes a person that constantly wins from one who loses.