How to Book a Bet at Supabets | Create a Ticket Now and Pay Later

Supabets South Africa is pretty exciting to play at. It has plenty of sports betting markets, generous features, and unique features that make betting convenient. One of those features is the book a bet feature, which allows you to avoid the long queues at the betting shops. This amazing feature lets you reserve a bet and later pay for it using your Supabets booking ID.

In this post, we will explain how the book a bet Supabets feature works. Most importantly, we will look at how it reduces the hassle of manually exchanging match fixtures and queuing at the Supabets retail outlets to place a bet.

How Does Supabets Book a Bet work?

Supabets book a bet feature allows you to create a ticket online and later place your bet at any Supabets branch physically. Your “booked bet” is a reservation for the said bet slip. This means that it doesn’t become an actual bet until you go into a Supabets retail outlet with your booking ID and pay for it.

Another exciting thing about the book a bet Supabets feature is that you can use it to share your favorite bets with family and friends. Give your Supabets booking ID to your friends, and they will be able to place a similar bet as you.

The process for booking on Supabets mirrors that of placing a sports bet aside from one or two steps. The key difference is that you are just reserving a bet, meaning you don’t have to log in or make a deposit into your account to book a bet on Supabets.

Before the book a bet feature was introduced, you had to visit the nearest Supabets branch, exchange match features, note down the codes, and line up at the cashier till to turn in your tickets. However, with a book a bet, today you can prepare your bets online using your PC or phone and generate a booking code that you can submit to a Supabets cashier for ticket submission. To a large extent, this has made the process of placing bets at Supabets faster and more convenient.

How to Book a Bet on Supabets Using Your Mobile Phone

Booking a bet at Supabets is incredibly simple. Follow the steps below to get started:
  • Visit Supabets site through your phone (Don’t log in)
  • Add all your sports selections to your bet slip. Click the “Continue” button.
  • The book a bet window will pop up, showing your booking number, date, and stake. Select the “Print” option to print out your coupon.
  • Present this coupon to the Supabets cashier, ensuring that your booking ID is visible enough. Your bet slip will be validated once you have paid.

Note that the odds can change. Your bets will carry the odds available at the time of payment.

Terms and Conditions for Booking a Bet at Supabets

If you want to use the book a bet feature, you must adhere to some terms and conditions. Here are some of them:

  • Supabets only allows you to use the book a bet option while placing bets on pre-match events. If you try to place bets on live sporting events, the system will only produce codes for games yet to begin.
  • Bet slips generated from booking codes are flexible. You can add, remove, or change the sports selections on the bet slip.
  • The “booked bet” on Supabets is not a ticket, but a reservation of a bet. Usually, the bet will be considered valid when it has been paid for at a Supabets branch, and a valid ticket has been submitted.
  • If you use the book a bet feature to propagate fraud, your account will be suspended or shut down.
  • Supabets retains the right to deny a punter the chance to use the booking code option without providing a reason.
  • Book a bet Supabets feature is a standalone product. Thus, you are not allowed to use it alongside other promos offered at Supabets.

Conclusion: Booking a Bet at Supabets

The book a bet feature is such an innovative and handy addition to the Supabets platform. Busy South African punters can use this option to make sports selections and place the bet later. This saves time and comes with a lot of convenience, allowing you to avoid the long queues at the Supabets branch.

As if that is not enough, you can share the booking ID you get once you book a bet with friends. They can use it to place similar bets as yours and win together!