Withdraw Money from Supabets: Methods, FICA Verification, and more

Besides the fun of winning bets, the next most exciting part is getting our money as quickly as possible. While we will not take much of your time, you will soon learn how to transact your Supabets withdrawal. The bookmaker offers a few exciting methods, and we will tell you about them.

How to Withdraw Money from Supabets

It is relaxing to have not one but four withdrawal methods at this online bookmaker. That gives you the ease to collect money at your convenience.

Of course, you will pick the option that favors you the most. Before you access the Supabets withdrawal methods, you must get Financial Intelligence Center Act (FICA) verification. We will guide you in completing this crucial step.

Once complete, you can claim winnings and make withdrawals with ease. At Supabets, you have the convenience of an e-wallet, a one-time pin, or a cardless service. Indeed, the online bookmaker is out to provide the best. You will also learn how fast the withdrawal time can be.

In a short while, you will learn the withdrawal methods, how to cancel a withdrawal, and the terms and conditions involved. Here is everything you must know about payouts at Supabets.

How to FICA Your Account

How to FICA Your Supabets Account

It will only be possible to get your money from Supabets if your account is verified. This verification stage has nothing to do with your registration. You can sign up with the Supabets and play games without getting verified.

You only need a few documents to complete this mandatory step. With that in mind, here are the required documents for FICA verification at Supabets:

  • Proof of Identity
    This can be your South African ID, driver’s license or ID card, passport, or permit (VISA). While preparing the documents, ensure both pages are available.
  • Proof of residence
    Any document you submit for proof of residence must meet the following criteria: it must be legal and traceable, feature the current residential address, and the date stamp should not be more than three months old. Also, note that P.O. boxes are not accepted as proof of residence.

With that in mind, you can submit the following to prove your residential address: a utility bill, a bank statement with a stamp, a binding lease agreement, a rates and taxes account, a Telkom telephone account, a mortgage statement, etc.

Other valid documents include a SARS return/IRP5, a current insurance policy, a store account statement, a residential affidavit from the police, or address confirmation from the ward councilor.

Once you are ready for the verification, follow the steps below:

  • Save the required documents as PDF or PNG files.
  • Submit the documents through email or WhatsApp. Both contacts are on the official webpage.
  • Ensure you include your username to link back to your betting account.

Withdrawing from Supabets

The table below shows the available Supabets withdrawal methods:

Payment OptionMode of PaymentWithdrawal PeriodMin/Max Amount
EFTBank transfer1 hourR50
One Time PinCashInstant 
FNB e-WalletCardless30 minsR100 – R2500
Standard BankCardless30 minsR100 – R2500
All methods of withdrawal are also available in the Supabets apps.

How to Withdraw Money from Supabets Using Captiec or EFT

How to Withdraw Money from Supabets Using Captiec or EFT

Supabets allows users to request withdrawals directly into their bank accounts. It is a relatively simple process, but it requires documentation. These are the steps to initiate Supabets withdrawals with Captiec or EFT:

  1. Log into your Supabets account and click “Account Balance.”
  2. Click “Withdrawals.”
  3. Click on the email address as your withdrawal method.
  4. Use the same email address that you used to register.
  5. Include the following in the email: username, amount, banking details, bank statement, proof of residence, and copy of ID.

Users with accounts at FNB, Nedbank, ABSA, and Standard Bank will receive their money in 12 hours. That holds if the withdrawal is less than R25,000. Other banks can take up to three working days.

This option is best for those who want something other than cash transactions with the provider. It is also the most versatile, as alternatives have restrictive collection points.

How to Withdraw Money from Supabets Using OTP

How to Withdraw from Supabets Using OTP

Those who want cash withdrawals at any of the Supabets South African branches can use the Supabets OTP withdrawal method. It offers more accessible access to cash.

The step-by-step process to use the Supabets one-time pin withdrawal is as follows:

  1. Log into your Supabets account.
  2. Click “Account Balance.”
  3. Click “Withdrawal.”
  4. Select the withdrawal method. In this case, the One Time Pin logo.
  5. Click “Amount” from the drop-down menu.
  6. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and click “Generate.”
  7. The bookmaker will generate a unique code for your request.
  8. Take the code to any verified Supabet branch to claim your money. Make sure you go with your ID for verification.

The OTP withdrawal method might just be the fastest. However, it depends on your proximity to a physical Supabets branch. You are better off with the other options if you don’t stay close to a branch.

How to Withdraw Money from Supabets Using e-Wallet

How to Withdraw money from supabets by ewallet

Users with the FNB eWallet Pro can use this method to withdraw funds from their accounts. Nevertheless, you must go to an FNB ATM to access your cash.

The steps for Supabets ewallet withdrawal are as follows:

  1. Log into your Supabets account and click “Account Balance.” Then you will get the withdrawal options.
  2. Select the FNB eWallet pro option.
  3. Enter an amount and click “Generate Pin.”
  4. Dial *120*277# on your mobile phone to access the wallet. 
  5. Look for Supabets eWallet among the options and set a new 5-digit pin.
  6. Select “Get Cash.”
  7. Select “Get ATM pin.” You will receive the ATM pin by SMS.
  8. Go to any FNB ATM, press “Enter,” and then choose Cardless service.
  9. Select eWallet, and enter your phone number and the ATM pin.
  10. Choose the amount.

This option has quite a process, but it is still fast. Only those with the FNB eWallet can use it.

How to Withdraw Money from Supabets Using Standard Bank

How to Withdraw Money from Supabets Using Standard Bank

The Standard Bank withdrawal option is similar to the eWallet method. Once logged into your Supabets account, do the following:

  1. Select Standard Bank and confirm your mobile number.
  2. Enter the amount and wait for the instant money voucher number and pin.
  3. Go to a Standard Bank ATM and select Cardless service.
  4. Enter the voucher pin and number.

Again, this option involves a physical cash withdrawal. It is fast and efficient.

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How to Cancel the Withdrawal

You can query your request by doing the following: 

  1. Log into your Supabets account. 
  2. Send your query through Supabets email support at withdrawal@supabets.co.za 
  3. Give the details of your withdrawals.

This method might work for EFT options. It might be difficult to cancel an OTP, FNB eWallet, or Standard Bank withdrawal.

Withdrawal Terms and Conditions

Supabets has straightforward rules for its withdrawals. Users who want to withdraw more than R25000 must resend the FICA documents. That will also affect the withdrawal time, adding 24 hours to the regular time.  

Bank account transfers to FNB, ABSA, Nedbank, and Standard Bank take 12 hours. It may take up to three working days to process your request with other banks. Regardless, Supabets will not process withdrawals above R25000 during the weekends.

One crucial point to note is that Supabets bonus withdrawal only works after you transfer the funds to your primary account.


FICA verifies your account, allowing you to enjoy withdrawals from your Supabets betting account. Hence, you must complete the process as soon as possible. That will enable you to use any payment method that suits you.

You can use the OTP option if you stay close to a physical Supabets branch and prefer cash. The FBN eWallet and Standard Bank options also work for cash withdrawals. Bank transfers are better off through the EFT payment method.



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