Betway Boost your Multi Bet winnings by up to 300%

Betway has an industry leading promotion that boosts your multibet by an incredible 300%. The boost starts from a multi bet with two selections and increases as your selections increase. Experience this amazing offer by joining Betway Today.

Betway Boost your Multi-Bet

How to get money by Betway Boost your Multi Bet winnings by up to 300%

The multi bet or accumulator has become the most popular bet with punters these days as the potential to win big excites all new and experienced players at Betway.

How To Use This Bonus?

Betway now offers you the opportunity to boost your original payout by 300% with an amazing offer. All you need to do to take advantage of this promotion is follow these easy steps.

Time needed: 8 min
  1. 1

    Log into your Betway account

    Enter your username and password.

    Log into your Betway account

  2. 2

    Identify your sport

    Click on sports and select the sport you want to bet on.

    Identify your sport

  3. 3

    Find your matches and make selections

    Navigate to the match or matches you would like to wager on and choose the team/s that you want to bet on.

    Find your matches and make selections

  4. 4

    Multi Bet Boost

    As you make your selections the Multi Bet Boost will be shown in a box above the odds.

    Multi Bet Boost

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How is the bonus calculated? 

If you have two selections on your multi bet with odds of 1.2 or better you will receive a multi boost of 2.5% and as you make more selections on a multi bet the Boost will increase up to an incredible 300% boost for 40 selections.

Here is a full table on how the Multi Boost is calculated.

Number of legsWin Boost percentageNumber of legsWin Boost percentage

Terms and conditions of Betway Boost your Multi Bet winnings by up to 300%

Terms and conditions of Betway money back

As with all promotions there are always rules and the Multi Bet Boost is no exception. These are the terms and conditions attached to this Betway promotion

  • A valid Betway account is required to participate in this promotion.
  • Boosted winnings apply to cash wagers on pre-game selections only
  • The Win Boost is calculated on multiple bets with two or more selections.
  • The boost starts from 2.5% (for two events) and it increases as you add more selections to the betslip, up to 300%. The more selections you add to your betslip, the bigger your Win Boost.
  • Minimum odds of 1.2 are required for each leg in the Multi Bet betslip.
  • Only legs with qualifying minimum odds will be counted towards the boost tiers. Non-qualifying legs will not be counted.
  • Upon settlement, boosted winnings will be credited to your account as cash.
  • Total return (potential return + win boost) on winning bets cannot exceed a maximum of R1 million.
  • Single Bets as well as Outright and Tournament bets are not eligible for boosted winnings.
  • Any betting markets that can either result in the customer having their stake returned or generate a partial win are excluded from boost winnings e.g. Draw No Bet.
  • If selections are cancelled or voided, only the remaining qualifying selections will be eligible for the Win Boost. The remaining selection must meet the minimum odds and number of bets required to be awarded a Win Boost. The actual boost awarded can therefore be different to the boost amount stated in the original betslip.
  • Win Boosts are automatically shown in your betslip, if you do not see a Win Boost, then you do not qualify. No manual adding of boosts will be done.
  • Should you take an early cash out option on your betslip, your Win Boost will be forfeited.
  • We reserve the right to monitor all customer activity for cheating, irregular play and bad faith. All such activity is prohibited and may result in the immediate dismissal from any promotion.

Tips on how to use this bonus most profitably? 

The Multi bet boost does not have many wagering requirements as the odds of your selections only need to be 1.20 or higher. It will be a great idea to look at selecting favoured teams on your selection as odds of 1.20 are very easy to fulfil even if the team is a favourite.

Let’s say for example you choose ten favourites on your multibet with minimum odds of 1.20, then you are already guaranteed to receive a Multi boost of 15% which is fantastic.

Avoid selecting teams with high odds like 2.50 or higher as this will make winning your bet very difficult. 


For each leg with odds of 1.2 or more added to your Multi Bet betslip, Betway will boost your winnings. The more legs you add, the bigger your boost.

In order to win your multi bet all legs of the bet must win. If one game is lost then the entire bet is lost.

In order for the selection to qualify towards the Multi bet boost the odds must be 1.20 or higher.

If a particular game does not take place the multi bet will still be active but the odds will change on the Multi boost as that selection is removed from the ticket.

Yes, the Betway free bet can be used to wager on your multi bet.


Betway continue to lead the way with their innovative promotions and their Multi Bet Boost is certainly the best of its kind on the South African betting scene.

The odds of 1.20 for qualifying selection is extremely low which is great for punters as it allows you to choose plenty of favourites on your multi bet thus increasing your chances of the bet being a winner.

You can only enjoy this fantastic offer by joining Betway right away.