How To Register in Betway: Guide, Bonuses & Terms and Conditions

The Betway register and verifying process is the first step to a great betting experience. Cool bonuses, various types of bets, popular tournaments, and matches, a convenient interface, and various banking methods — Betway has it all. Try it yourself, just register!

Guide on how to join Betway online

Betway South Africa is a platform where every day a lot of betting enthusiasts bet on their favourite teams, and newcomers create accounts and try their hand at predictions.

On Betway, everyone can feel real excitement and start betting immediately after registration. Plus, the FICA verification is very fast and simple and opens access to bonuses, withdrawals and the full functionality of the website. Now, let’s talk about all the most important points.

Step by step guide on how to register at Betway

Betway app has an easy registration process that will only take a few minutes to complete, all you need to do is follow the simple steps below to become a player at Betway.

Time needed: 4 min
  1. 1

    Visit the Betway site

    Go to your browser, on the browser address bar type and press ‘Enter’ for the home page to open.

    Visit the Betway site

  2. 2

    Join (Sign Up)

    Once the Home page opens you go to right hand side corner and click on the ‘Sign Up’ button.

    Join (Sign Up)

  3. 3

    Personal Details

    On the home page It will take you to a pop up window (Register an Account) which will ask for your phone number, name, surname, password.

    Personal Details

  4. 4

    Email Address

    Please put your email address.

    Email Address

  5. 5

    Next Button

    After filling the above details you click the ‘Next Button’.

    Next Button

  6. 6

    Personal Details

    You need to fill in a few more personal questions like your ID number, including DOB and click on ‘Terms & Conditions’.

    Personal Details

  7. 7


    Click on the register button to complete the registration process.


Betway registration via sms

This was a special feature with Betway whereby you had to SMS the word ACCEPT to 4664.

We tried numerous times on the 24th and 25th September 2022 but unfortunately the error message of MESSAGE NOT SENT keeps coming up.

It is hoped that maybe this function is only temporarily out of service.

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What you must know about this bookmaker 

When you join a bookie it is important to note that they all have a set of terms and conditions that all players must abide by.

Betway has fairly easy rules but let’s have a closer look at their terms and conditions which must be respected in order to bet without abuse.

Registration Terms and Conditions

  • By making use of any of the information contained on the website, the player or user warrants that he or she is older than 18 years. Any person 18 years or older can operate a Betway Online Sports Betting Account.
  • Proof of identity, age and residency is required prior to opening any account and/or any other obligation imposed on a Service Provider by FICA.
  • It is compulsory that your full names, residential address and contact details are obtained by the Betway to comply with the statutory obligations imposed upon the Betway relative to compliance with FICA.
  • You acknowledge and agree that your access to and use of the products and betting facilities offered by the website, and the use of the Betway group betting facilities service, or the tele-betting service that is offered by the Betway, is at your option, discretion and risk.
  • Under no circumstances will the Betway be liable to you in contract, breach of statutory duty or otherwise under or in connection with these terms, your use of, or inability to use, the website or the betting facility service, or other products or services, any of our chat rooms or any online sports betting software, materials or other information on our website, or any goods, materials or services available.
  • These are specific terms and conditions related to each type of sport that you are able to bet on.

Verification in Betway – FICA Requirements 

Online betting sites are compelled to verify the FICA documents of all players that join their site. Some bookies don’t even allow deposits before the verification of FICA documents take place.

FICA is an abbreviation for the Financial Intelligence Centre Act 38 of 2001. The Act was instituted in order to fight financial crime such as money laundering, fraud, tax evasion, terrorist financing activities and identity theft.

The Act was amended in 2017 to bring South Africa in line with international standards set by the Financial Action Task Force in combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

The documents that are required for this process is a copy of your ID document and your proof of residence. The proof of residence can be a utility bill or a letter from your local councillor.

Once your documents are submitted to Betway the verification of these documents can take up to a maximum of 24 hours. Beyway verified my documents within a few hours after submission.

What becomes available to users after registration on Betway

Once your registration is complete, there is a whole new betting world that opens for you. Best of all is the excellent bonuses and free bets on Betway that are available to you.


After betway registration - you can use all bonuses that bookmaker have

We will briefly touch on some of these bonuses below. We have chosen the bonuses that are the easiest to access after your registration. 

Betway beat the odds

Beat the odds! In betway for new accounts and alredy exist accounts have the opportunity to win up to R1000000

Every bet you place from the Beat the Odds page will either earn or lose you points on the overall leaderboard. If you are top of the leaderboard at the end of the competition, you’ll walk away with the grand prize of R1 million in cash.

Boost your Multi Bet winnings by up to 300%

Boost your Multi Bet winnings by up to 300%

Boost your Multi Bet winnings by up to 300%. For each leg with odds of 1.2 or more added to your Multi Bet betslip, Betway will boost your winnings. The more legs you add, the bigger your boost.

Betway 4 To Flag

Betway 4 To Flag

Place your free 4 to Flag predictions on every F1 race throughout the season. Choose correctly and you could win up to R300 000 on every event.



There are literally hundreds of different types of bets available to players once they join Betway. We will take a closer look at the most popular types of bets for players at this bookie.

  • Moneylines
    A Moneyline bet is the simplest bet to learn. You predict which will win a game. The three outcomes are usually a home or away win and the draw
  • Handicap betting
    This is hugely popular when a strong team plays a weak team. The weak team starts a plus score and the strong team needs to overcome that score for the bet to win.
  • Accumulator/Multibet
    An accumulator bet is a combination of multiple wagers into one single bet. Each wager, or leg, must come through for you to win a parlay. Accumulators are much riskier than betting on each game individually, but you also get better odds. In addition, you can wager on more events with one stake.
  • Over/Under
    You can bet on the number of goals in a football match. You can either bet on under 2.5 goals or over 2.5 goals. This bet has become hugely popular with punters in recent times.



Betway have customer support available 24/7 which is great news for punters and they can be contacted through the following channels. 

  • Live Chat feature 24/7,
  • Telephone: 0861 787 250.

How to login on Betway after registration

Once your registration is complete follow these easy steps to log into your account

  1. Entering personal information: Enter your mobile number and your password.
  2. Betway LogIn: Click on the “Login” button
  3. Mobile Numbe: Your account number is your mobile number.

It is important to note that your mobile number is your account number. The login process is the same in the Betway app.

How to recover Betway account

If you open your account and forget your password then all you need to do is simply enter your username( mobile number) and click on the Forgot Password Tab.

You will be redirected to the Reset Password link sent to your mobile number. Enter your new password and you are good to go.

How to deposit into Betway account

Making a deposit at Betway is not only simple but there are so many options available to punters.

Here are the easy to follow steps to making a deposit:

Log into your Betway account.

  1. Enter “LogIn” details: Enter your username and password.
  2. Deposit Tab: Choose the Green Deposit  tab at the top of the page.
  3. Click Deposit: Click on the deposit button.
  4. Deposit method: On the deposit screen it will give you a choice of different methods of deposit.
  5. Deposit Amount: Choose an amount that you want to deposit.
  6. Credit Amount: After the deposit has been made your account will be credited instantly or could take 24 hours to reflect depending on the deposit method that you chose. The Voucher method is instant and starts at R10.

How to top up betway account by MNT

Follow these easy steps to deposit funds into your Betway account using the MTN Mo Mo App:

  1. Download and register on the MTN MoMo App. 
  2. Login and tap MoMo Pay followed by Pay & Buy.
  3. Tap Lotto & Betting.
  4. Tap Betway.
  5. Confirm that the number registered with your MoMo App is also registered with Betway.
  6. Confirm the amount you would like to deposit.
  7. Confirm the payment.

How to deposit by vouchers

Promo Voucher: On the home page you need to find “Menu” Button on the left side corner, in the drop down box  that opens, the 10th option is “Promo Voucher” click on that and it will take you to a new page that will ask you enter your “Voucher Pin” and underneath you will click on the word “Redeem”.

Common registration problems

Common registration problems in Betway

The Betway registration process is an easy simplified one but if you encounter any problems then these factors below could possibly be the reasons.

Having an existing account

This is very common as you may have forgotten that you had made an account at Gbets in the past.

When you enter your ID number or mobile number the bookie will tell you that you are already an existing customer. You will need to follow the prompt that says Forgot Password to retrieve your login details.

Unstable internet connectivity

Having unstable internet connectivity can make it hard to set up the Gbets account. Make sure that you have a stable internet connection otherwise the registration page will keep freezing making it impossible to complete your registration.

Under the age of 18

When you enter in your ID number the system checks whether you are over 18 years, and if you are not then you will be prevented from registering.


Your Betway account number is your mobile number that you used to register on the site.

Your account number cannot be changed as the account number is the mobile number you used to register.

If you open your account and forget your password then all you need to do is simply enter your username( mobile number) and click on the Forgot Password Tab. You will be redirected to the Reset Password link sent to your mobile number. Enter your new password and you are good to go.

Download and register on the MTN MoMo App. Refer to our How To Deposit guide for the full process.

Yes, all bookies require FICA documents as it is the law in South Africa as per the Financial Intelligence Centre Act 38 of 2001.

To submit FICA documents at Betway, you will need to log in to your account and go to the “My Account” section. From there, you should see a link or button to upload your FICA documents. Alternatively, you can contact Betway customer support for assistance with submitting FICA documents.

The FICA verification took just a few hours but could take up to 24 hours.

After you have submitted your FICA documents to Betway, you should receive a confirmation email or message stating that your documents are being reviewed. Once your documents have been reviewed and accepted, you will receive a notification from Betway.

The process for verifying your account with Betway may vary depending on your location and the specific requirements of the site. In general, you may be required to submit certain documents, such as proof of identity and proof of residence, to confirm your account. Betway customer support should be able to provide more information on the specific verification process for your account.


Betway has grown exponentially in South Africa and it easy to see why as they have the bases covered in the online betting market. From an excellent welcome bonus to an easy to navigate site for new and experienced punters.

This great bookie has also developed a mobile app that is firstly super quick to download and has all the attributes of the main site including the promotions and features.

To top all off they got some fantastic offers for existing clients and to help you bet they got an extensive stats page for your perusal.

All in all they are one of the best betting sites in the country.